The Golden Bachelor season 1: Are Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist still together in 2023?

Gerry and Theresa are still together! (Image via Instagram/@theresa_nist)
Gerry and Theresa are still together! (Image via Instagram/@theresa_nist)

The Golden Bachelor from season 1 of the show, Gerry Turner, served twenty-two single ladies the right blend of old-school and new-age romance. In pursuit of someone he could form a loving partnership with and spend his sunset years with, Gerry went on many dates, narrowing his pool down with every rose ceremony.

He was down to his final two, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist, and in the episode aired on November 30, he handed his final rose and proposed.

Spoiler alert: The article contains details from the finale of The Golden Bachelor.

Gerry Turner offered his last rose to Theresa Nist, proclaimed his love, and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes!

Before the show started, Reality Steve had confirmed this result.

Fans have become increasingly curious to know if they're still together. According to Reality Steve, the couple is going strong. He also said ABC will televise their wedding when it happens.

The Golden Bachelor: Gerry and Theresa to reportedly tie the knot soon

The Golden Bachelor came full circle when he offered his final rose to the first woman he went on a date with. In the finale episode aired on November 30, Gerry Turner, 72, chose 70-year-old Theresa to spend the rest of his life with.

However, before the ceremony took place, fans fully believed Leslie would be picked. She posted a TikTok video where they thought they heard Gerry's laugh.

Once The Golden Bachelor had picked his forever woman, they took to the live session after the show, which was filmed much after the finale episode. This meant that they would announce the status of their relationship. They confirmed that they're still engaged!

Looking back at their most cherished memories from the ABC show, the couple were giddy, making the audience root for the longevity of their partnership.

They'd formed an authentic connection, and after testing the waters with the remaining twenty-one women, Gerry made his choice.

Fans of this genre know the popular spoiler provider, Reality Steve. When he announces something about reality TV, he's right more often than not. In early November, he shared the results of The Golden Bachelor, stating Theresa Nist would win Gerry's heart.

At the end of The Golden Bachelor's last episode, host Jesse Palmer teased a big announcement. Reality Steve took to X immediately after with some more details!

Theresa and Gerry are still engaged, and per Reality Steve, they're ready to take the next step. Alluding to the "big announcement" teased by Jesse Palmer, the tea-spiller shared the news that the couple will get married soon, and when they do, ABC will "televise" it.

While neither Gerry nor Theresa has let any spoilers about a wedding slip on social media, Theresa still has several pictures of her favorite memories with Gerry on her Instagram @theresa_nist. Whether the marriage news from Reality Steve will materialize is yet to be seen.

One thing's for sure: they're committed, they're happy, and they're making it work! After reading the revealing post, fans are eagerly awaiting official confirmation from the couple or ABC.

All three of The Golden Bachelor's finalists, Faith, Leslie, and Theresa, created lasting impressions on Gerry and the audiences alike. While each woman had her fanbase by the end, Gerry chose the financial advisor to advise him as they navigated life together.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner will likely be married soon. Since this spinoff became an instant fan favorite, it's needless to say that most Bachelor Nation audiences will be tuned in from start to finish.

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