The Good Doctor season 6 episode 14 recap: Were Dr. Shaun and Park able to save the life of the toddler?

A still from The Good Doctor season 6 episode 14 (Image Via thegooddoctorabc/Instagram)
A still from The Good Doctor season 6 episode 14 (Image Via thegooddoctorabc/Instagram)

The Good Doctor season 6, the latest season of the fan-favorite medical drama series, aired episode 14 exclusively on the ABC TV Network on Monday, February 27, 2023. The episode, titled Hard Heart, was written by Garrett Lerner and directed by James Genn.

The official synopsis for episode 14 of The Good Doctor season 6, provided by ABC Channel, reads:

"When a 3-year-old arrives at the emergency room, the team immediately recognizes he is having a stroke; Dr. Shaun Murphy's diagnosis of the underlying cause doesn't solve the problem, which has Dr. Park searching deeper."

The latest episode of the fan-favorited series on ABC has already begun to garner quite a bit of attention due to its emotionally heavy plotline and nail-biting ending. Without further ado, let's dive right in and find out how episode 14 of The Good Doctor season 6 unraveled.

The Good Doctor season 6 episode 14 showcased a series of sensitive, emotional, and stressful events

What happened to the 3-year-old boy, Nathan?


In episode 14 of The Good Doctor season 6, Dr. Park did a check-up on a 3-year-old boy named Nathan who fell from his trampoline two days ago. Park soon realized that the child was having a severe stroke, although Nathan's parents found it difficult to understand how a toddler can have a stroke.

The child's mother was present at the hospital, but the father couldn't return from work as he was a volunteer at a tornado relief work in Alabama. While performing surgery on the little boy, Nathan and Park discovered scar tissue after looking at the boy's brain and, in no time, realized that the issue did not begin from the fall.

Park revealed that Nathan was suffering from a rare and serious brain disease and that he required chemo. The doctor also disclosed that if he failed to get adequate treatment, the boy would not survive. Nathan did not like taking medication, but Park managed to calm him down and do his MRI.

Meanwhile, Shaun told Park that the latter was good with the child. Dr. Shaun, who was finally able to understand what was going on with Nathan, revealed that the boy was suffering from a severe disease called moyamoya and needed several brain surgeries to treat the issue.

Upon realizing that they were almost an hour ahead of the scheduled time, Park suggested that they should do the other bypass right then. Shaun did not agree with the suggestion but instead came up with another low-risk option. Thus, with multiple surgeries and treatments, the doctors were able to save Nathan's life.

Did Jordan find a solution for her grandmother's treatment?

In The Good Doctor's latest episode, Jordan found out that her grandmother arrived at the hospital with serious chest pain. Asher attempted to start the check-up as Jordan could not do so at the time. However, Jordan's grandmother wanted her to supervise. She had inflammation all across her heart and soon passed out.

The old lady had to opt for surgery, during which Jordan and Lim observed that the grandmother had a coconut heart, which was entirely calcified. While Jordan would not leave her grandmother's case, Lim told her that her idea for the treatment was not viable.

Later on, Jordan's grandmother began experiencing breathing problems and became hypertensive. Her heart was almost failing, and she required surgery right then. Soon enough, she began bleeding, and Lim needed ideas after they finished securing the perforation. Jordan came up with an idea, and Lim asked her to talk her through the process.

Finally, Jordan's grandmother was able to breathe properly, and the doctor was proud that she could help save her grandmother's life.

Another significant highlight of episode 14 of The Good Doctor season 6 was Glassman going overboard while preparing for Shaun and Lea's baby. However, later on, he finally realizes the problem and decides to step back a little and become their neighbor instead of living in the same house.

Season 6 episode 14 of the beloved series is currently available for viewers to watch on Hulu.

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