The Great Christmas Light Fight episode 4: The Castle family wins $50,000 for making it "snow" in Florida

Taniya Nayak impressed with the Castle family
Taniya Nayak impressed with the Castle family's Christmas decorations (Image via thegreatchristmaslightfight/ Instagram)

The Great Christmas Light Fight season 10 episodes 3 and 4 aired tonight (on ABC at 8 pm ET. While the Harbeck Family from Pasadena won episode 3, the Castle family from Palm City impressed Taniya in episode 4, making them win $50,000.

The theme of the Castle family's decoration was "Techie in the front and Tacky in the back."

Taniya was impressed with the computer switching on the house lights and the foldable 30-foot-long Christmas trees. She was also happy to notice candy canes lying everywhere and light reindeer heading up the roof. Dave, the homeowner, revealed that each snowflake in the house was attached to a magnet instead of being taped.

Taniya was impressed with the "Tacky Land" in the backyard with rainbow lights and fake snowfall (created through a machine) on them. She felt that the Castle family decorations had each color of the rainbow and was happy to see the traditional decorations being mixed with modern light shows.

Dave was stunned to hear the happy news that he was the winner of The Great Christmas Light Fight trophy, and felt that his children would definitely fight over it in the future. Taniya said that his DIY approach to the decorations also helped him win.

What happened on The Great Christmas Light Fight season 10 episode 4?

The episode description of The Great Christmas Light Fight season 10 episode 4 read:

"Families in Suisun City, Calif.; Palm City, Fla.; Jacksonville, Fla., and Staten Island, N.Y. show off their holiday displays."

This week on The Great Christmas Light Fight season 10, the Sencil family from Suisun City vowed Taniya with her gingerbread house and decorations made using recycled products. Some old pipes were used to make lollipops, which were scattered all across the yard, and the garage doors were decorated with pretzel inflatables.

The gingerbread house exterior also had a fake chocolate door, made using old tupperware, and sprinkles on the floor. The Sencil family's christmas tree was decorated with fake popcorn cotton candy. They also had a fake car made using scrapped pieces of a campaign poster. The car had a valid license attacked in the back.

The Notchick family from Jacksonville, Florida, said that their decorations as an older couple put young people to shame. They had a special decoration that paid tribute to fallen veterans. The pair shared that they had been decorating the house since 1989, a year after they got married in 1988.

Taniya, the judge of The Great Christmas Light Fight, was impressed with the disney features, the Key West theme farm and the beachy vibe of the decorations. The garage of their home had many miniature decorations, including a New York-themed Christmas set-up. Taniya felt that the decoration of the Notchick family showed the whole of the world from Florida itself.

The Nahas family from Staten Island decorated their house using multiple animations, giant bears and a hallway filled with Christmas-related products. Sammy, the decorator, revealed that he was a worker previously but had hurt himself in the back, which impacted his decorations. He praised his niece for always motivating him.

Taniya was happy to see a talking deer and told Sammy that she could walk through the house 30 more times and would still find something new.

The finale of The Great Christmas Light Fight season 10 will air on ABC next Monday, December 12, at 8 pm ET.

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