The Parent Test episode 5 air time, release date, and synopsis

The Parent Test episode 5 to air on Thursday
The Parent Test episode 5 to air on Thursday (Image via ABC/@Temma Hankin)

The Parent Test is set to return with another episode this week. In the upcoming episode, the different types of parents get together to discuss their adopted parenting techniques as well as the issues they face. On Thursday’s episode, two parents opened up about the difficulties of being single parents.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

"Disciplined, Traditional, Child Led and Helicopter parents take the spotlight as their families face the equally unnerving Facts of Life and Snake Alert challenges. Witness how the parents approach difficult conversations with their children and assist them during frightening situations."

The Parent Test episode 5 will air on Thursday, January 26, at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Dennis and Andrea open up about being single parents in the upcoming episode of The Parent Test

The ABC show brings together parents of different types as they get together to talk about their parenting styles. Through the show, the network hopes to find a unique way of parenting and help parents learn from each other.

In a promo uploaded to social media, Dennis and Andrea talked about raising their kids. The clip starts with Shirin Yadagar crying. She stated that if she and her partner didn’t have each other, they wouldn’t be able to raise the family that they have.

She continued by saying that everything else will fall apart if a person doesn't have a solid partner. But The Parent Test's two actors are managing to pull it off on their own. Dennis, a single father, stated that as a single parent, he has to be both the “ying and the yang.”

He added:

"I can sometimes only be the Yang. But we are in fact trying to lead by being the best examples that we can be to our children."

Shirin responded that she doesn't know how she would manage it on her own, which is why she gives the ABC show's single parents so much respect. She added that she is so “enamored” by them and everything they do. In her confessional, Andrea, another single parent cast member of The Parent Test, said that sometimes as single parents, one cannot be a nice parent.

She added:

"Sometimes you have to be the firm parent. People can’t see that you do wear both hats."
Andrea talks to her daughter about s*x (Image via ABC/@Temma Hankin)
Andrea talks to her daughter about s*x (Image via ABC/@Temma Hankin)

In the upcoming episode, the parents were tasked to have conversations about s*x with their children. Pictures uploaded on ABC’s website suggests that Andrea McCoy, Hashim and Johnetta LaFond, and the Sarinas had conversations with their kids.

Diagrams of the male and female bodies are used by all parents to provide their kids with as much information as they can. Ava and Arianna Sarinas are seen holding a board with labels for various bodily parts.

Previously on The Parent Test

Last week was Opposite Day for some of the families on the show. Four families, the Day Family, the NG Family, the Mills Family, and the Williams Family, had to undergo the opposite day. The parents had to act like the children, and the children had to be the parents.

After the episode, fans took to social media to address their issues with Dennis’ parenting style. Elan, Dennis’ son, looked nervous and disappointed and wasn’t keen on acting like his father. Some fans felt that Dennis wasn’t able to let go of control, which interfered with Elan’s growth during the show.

Tune in on Thursday, January 26, at 8 pm ET to see what happens next on The Parent Test on ABC.

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