The Rookie season 5 episode 22 (finale) recap: A big conspiracy unfolding

A still from The Rookie (Image via ABC)
A still from The Rookie (Image via ABC)

The Rookie season 5 bowed out in the best way it could have with a very fascinating plot and a tight premise that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Titled Under Siege, episode 22 of The Rookie's latest season premiered on Wednesday, May 3, with an intriguing case of masked assailants targeting the team quite vehemently. The complex case kept spinning out of control throughout the finale episode.

Not only that, but episode 22 of The Rookie season 5 also left many things unsolved and some characters still hanging by a thread for the next season. This was a rare and powerful curtain fall for the installment, which was unlike any of the previous seasons of the show.

The synopsis for The Rookie season 5 episode 22 read as:

"After one of their own is shot, the team suffers a series of close calls and realizes their division may be a target for a group of masked assailants."

This episode is currently available for streaming on ABC.

The Rookie season 5 episode 22 recap: Masked assailants and fallen members

The finale of The Rookie's fifth season did not beat around the bush before getting to the subject matter. As the penultimate episode was quite self-contained, this episode began with Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino) and Celina Juarez (Lisseth Chavez) noticing something strange while taking a walk.

Their curious endeavor soon turned deadly as masked assailants attacked them, knocking Juarez out and shooting down Thorsen. Bailey rushed to the scene, but Aaron Thorsen was already bleeding out. He was taken to the hospital, where it served as a reunion for the officers, many of whom were already there.

Lopez’ (Alyssa Diaz) water had broken and she had come in for her delivery with Wesley (Shawn Ashmore). Nolan (Nathan Fillion) was also there at the hospital. Juarez told Nolan about a cryptic rhyme that the attacker had whispered to her before she passed out.

As the team narrowed down on the attack, it became clear that they were targeted by a group or individual; it also established that they were still probably at risk. The next big thing in the episode happened when Bailey and Nolan were at home. After spotting another masked assailant, the duo fought it off, and Nolan managed to shoot one of them while keeping him alive.

A similar event happened with James and Nyla (Mekia Cox). Finally, Lopez solved the riddle with the help of the rhyme, which turned out to be from an old play. This led them to figure out that the costumes were purchased from Roy Gracco. However, when the team reached Gracco's house, it turned out that it was a trap. The team narrowly escaped this and soon started pursuing clues to reach the main culprit.

Chen (Melissa O'Neil) and Bradford (Eric Winter) finally reached the doors of the main assailant after narrowing it down to seven names. However, their investigation soon turned violent as more and more masked assailants appeared. They fought them off well enough for the team to arrive and apprehend Luke, the man behind this plan.

Luke was allegedly arrested before and that led him to financial and personal ruin. He was taken in, but The Rookie ended with another surprising twist as a mysterious man in a car said during the concluding moments that weaponizing Luke was his smartest move as it distracted the police from something else.

This storyline will most likely continue in the upcoming season.

All the episodes of The Rookie season 5 are now streaming on Hulu.

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