"They cry every segment": Fans criticize Danielle and Garrick for crying during every episode of Seeking Sister Wife 

Garrick (Image via Instagram/@garrickmerrifield)
Garrick (Image via Instagram/@garrickmerrifield)

Seeking Sister Wife returned for an all-new dramatic episode on the night of Monday, August 29, 2022.

Over the past few weeks, viewers have seen Danielle and Garrick in Brazil trying to convince Roberta to move to the US with them so they can start a new life together. However, with this persuasion, there has also come a fair bit of tears, as Garrick and Danielle have been seen breaking down over the littlest of things.

This week, when the couple began shedding tears once again, viewers expressed their impatience on social media and mockingly asked producers to get the duo "some antidepressants."

Episode 13 of Seeking Sister Wife, titled No Kiss Friends, showcased a problem brewing between the Merrifields. Despite already having tickets booked to the US, Roberta still seems to be contemplating the move, and the discovery of a whole new piece of information in the latest episode might end up affecting her decision.

This indecision on Roberta's part has fuelled a number of viewers to maintain that she will ultimately not board the plane to the US. However, what fans found especially annoying was the way in which Danielle and Garrick kept breaking down over almost everything.

Roberta confronts Danielle and Garrick about meeting another woman to join them in Seeking Sister Wife

Roberta started off by questioning Danielle about how decisions are made in a polygamous family, and asked him if all the members decide collectively about someone being added to the family. With this question, the Seeking Sister Wife star was hinting at the time Danielle and Garrick had introduced Roberta to Lea, another woman back in the US who was keen on joining their family.

Danielle shared that she thought Roberta knew that they were just meeting someone. Garrick also revealed that they had second thoughts when it came to telling Roberta about Lea because they never knew if she would approve. But Roberta had something different to say.

She told them:

"But I always made it clear in my messages that I was open to that. Just at that moment I wished you guys would wait until I got there."

Danielle shared that she was confused as to why Roberta was bringing the topic of Lea up again when they had decided to put it behind them. Not long after, he started crying yet again.

Roberta then questioned how the couple could call Lea a friend if Garrick had gone out alone on a date with her. She added that friends do not get intimate with each other. Garrick denied getting intimate with Lea, and Danielle shared that he had just shared a kiss with her.

Roberta was taken aback by the response and said that friends don't kiss each other either. One thing led to another and the episode ended with Danielle, Roberta and Garrick all breaking down. Fans who witnessed the entire emotional drama unfold took to social media to share their opinions.

Fans criticize Danielle and Garrick for crying ever so often in Seeking Sister Wife

Taking to Twitter, fans trolled the Merrifield couple for breaking down ever so often. Some also questioned whether this would become regular and wondered if every episode would feature them shedding tears.

Seeking Sister Wife airs every Monday night at 10 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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