'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 2 ending explained: Who is the mysterious guest in the final scene? (Spoilers)

The latest season from the award-winning show has been a rollercoaster journey of emotions (Image via NBC)
The latest season from the award-winning show has been a rollercoaster journey of emotions (Image via NBC)

NBC's This Is Us is a gift that keeps on giving. In its final season, the series is ready to tie up all loose ends and focus on each character's story for the perfect conclusion.

This episode of This Is Us Season 6 was directed by Kay Oyegun and was written by Kevin Falls. It was a Nicky-centric episode just like One Small Step last season and was a continuation. In addition to this, viewers will also get an update on Déjà's love life and embrace Rebecca and Miguel's relationship.

Note: This article contains spoilers.

Analyzing the end of 'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 2


Episode 2 of This Is Us Season 6 gave viewers what they needed - a dive into Nicky and Déjà's life. The two set out on a journey to meet their lovers, centering the entire episode around the power of love.

This episode of This Is Us Season 6 also focused on Miguel and Rebecca's love for each other. As Rebecca's condition worsens, she worries about her last memories, but Miguel is here to assure her that he will be there and the two will get through it together.

Viewers haven't seen much of Déjà and Malik since Season 4, but this episode reveals just how much the two have grown. At the beginning of the episode, Déjà is seen packing an overnight bag to 'study with Tiffany,' but she travels to see Malik in Boston. Her father, Randall, has no idea about his, so he does his usual check-in through texts with her.

But the magic seemed to face when she was greeted by Janelle's mother, Jennifer, who stopped by to pick her daughter up for a family dinner. At first, Jennifer barely acknowledges Déjà's presence, which comes off as rude. But Déjà remains unfazed and sacrifices her time to allow Malik to finish his paper.

Towards the end of the night in This Is Us, the two head to a party and later sleep together for the first time. They were nervous, but their love for each other was bigger than that.

Déjà tells Malik that she wants to "feel this way forever." The following day she heads back with butterflies in her stomach. This was soon interrupted with Randall's text asking about her "breakfast at Tiffany's," to which she responded, "life-changing."

The second love story in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 2 is Nicky's. One Big Leap, a continuation of One Small Step from last season, focuses on Nicky's past and his present trip to find Sally, along with Rebecca and Miguel. He does not know how his Sally, which makes him nervous about the meeting.

Nevertheless, they were delighted to meet Nicky's Sally when the trio arrived. Sadly, she is now married to Eric and has given up on all her dreams and passion. They are then offered to stay for dinner, which turns into the most awkward meal ever.

In the middle of the meal, Sally asks Nicky to refresh her memory of their meeting. Being his unfiltered self, Nicky blabbers about every moment they spend together. Sally does remember everything and later jokes about being thankful for not having Alzheimer’s, which triggers Rebecca.

So, Rebecca shares about her disease and the bits that scare her the most. This turns into a whole discussion at the table, leading to a blow-up between Sally and Eric, who had a few marital issues.

There is no hope for Nicky and Sally to end up together, but this did give Nicky closure and a chance to move forward with his life. But he does wonder about the years he lost thinking about Sally, not regretting any of it, though. For him, Sally was a beacon of hope that kept him going and in the end, he did end up on her photowall.

At the end of this episode of This Is Us Season 6, Nicky tells Rebecca and Miguel that he will head back to the East as his new cabin breaks ground, and Kevin might need help. Possibly the cabin Rebecca asked Kevin to build last season and the one viewers see in the flashforwards. Nicky meets a flight attendant, Edie, and it turns into a flirty conversation on his flight back.

In the flashforward, Edie is seen getting out of the white car. She hugs Déjà and asks Randall about Rebecca's health. This Is Us then confirms Edie's romantic link with Nicky in the future, after the two kiss.

As this season of This Is Us unfolds, it will be interesting to see how Edie became a part of the Pearson family and gained the importance of being beside Rebecca in her final moments. The latest episode of This Is Us Season 6 is now streaming on NBC, Hulu and Hotstar.

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