"This isn’t your situation": RHOBH fans condemn Kyle Richards for interfering during Garcelle's conversation with Erika

Kyle Richards (Image via Instagram/@kylerichards18)
Kyle Richards (Image via Instagram/@kylerichards18)

Bravo's RHOBH returned for an all-new episode on Wednesday night and this week, Kyle Richards was on the receiving end of criticism from fans after she interfered in a conversation that didn't involve her.

Garcelle was in the middle of confronting Erika about her excessive drinking when Kyle intruded to support the latter.

Episode 10, titled So You Say, showcased Erika and Garcelle having a conversation about her choice of words towards her teenage son. During a party hosted by Garcelle, a clearly intoxicated Erika had told her son to "Get the f**k out of here."

Fast-forward to Sutton's party, Garcelle noted that even though Erika told her she would only have one drink, she was soon on her third. Hence, Garcelle decided to confront her and question if she had a problem when it came to managing her meds and alcohol.

What happened between Erika and Garcelle in the latest episode of RHOBH?

During their confrontation, Garcelle politely told Erika that while she understood her liquor level was at an all-time high during her party, it didn't give her the right to disrespect anyone. Erika took full ownership of her behavior and apologized to Garcelle, before adding that what she said hadn't come from a vicious place.

Garcelle then pointed out that Erika needed to manage her meds and pills. In response, the RHOBH star shared that it was her medication that made her sleepy and caused her to behave the way she did.

Midway through the conversation, Kyle intruded to say that she had known Erika for seven years and in all that time, she had never misbehaved due to alcohol, thereby going on to justify why Erika deserved a little room. Garcelle did not expect Kyle to interfere in her conversation and said that this is what she meant by the fact that the RHOBH star jumped ship.

She further added that she was having a conversation with Erika and wasn't saying anything bad enough for Kyle to feel the need to jump in.

The confrontation didn't sit well with fans who watched the episode. They took to social media to slam Kyle for intruding and trying to involve herself in a conversation that didn't include her.

Fans slam Kyle Richards for butting into a conversation that didn't concern her in RHOBH Episode 10

Taking to Twitter, fans added that Kyle inserted herself in a situation that had nothing to do with her. Some fans also applauded Garcelle for calling out the RHOBH star for her behavior.

Here's more details on what happened this week in RHOBH Season 12, Episode 10

After the tiff between Garcelle and Kyle, Sheree tried to calm things down by explaining the entire situation. She told Kyle that at the time, Garcelle needed Kyle to be neutral.

Erika continued to explain her situation and the reason for her bad behavior, sharing that she had a change in medication, which made her tired and spike up, which was what Garcelle was seeing. Continuing, Erika shared that the behavior she saw at her party was the cause of one too many drinks.

Erika then confessed that before she cussed at Garcelle's son, she complimented her twins claiming that their mother raised them well.

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