"Who is lying? Sutton or Crystal": RHOBH fans confused over Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke's 'dark comment' incident

Crystal and Sutton have different versions of the incident (Image via crystalkungminkoff and suttonstracke/Instagram)
Crystal and Sutton have different versions of the incident (Image via crystalkungminkoff and suttonstracke/Instagram)
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Season 12 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, at 8.00 pm ET on Bravo. This week, the cast members went on a getaway to Punta De Mita, Mexico. While the episode featured camaraderie between the members, there was also enough conflict to keep viewers entertained.

Crystal and Sutton addressed a conversation they had about race over a year ago in Lake Tahoe. The latter had told her fellow co-star about how her daughter Porter had friends over to go in their jacuzzi.

She also stated that her "white" daughter was hanging out with “black girls, a Chinese girl, [and] a red-headed Irish Catholic girl”. Sutton proceeded to tell Crystal that she loved seeing it because that’s how life “should be.”


Back then, Crystal felt that the comment was a bit out of touch with reality and expressed her concerns to Sutton.

On this week's episode, while Crystal maintained not speaking about the exact incident, Sutton said about what she thought could have offended her fellow co-star. Fans were still left confused.

So who do y’all think is lying: Sutton or Crystal? #RHOBH

While on the trip, during dinner, the ladies felt that Crystal hinted that comments made by Sutton about race could damage the latter's reputation. They pointed out that if the words weren't as dark as Sutton had explained, then Crystal's insinuation could be worse for her co-star's image.

Fans react to RHOBH stars Crystal and Sutton addressing the issue

This week, Crystal and Sutton addressed the "elephant in the room" and spoke about their versions of how the incident took place. The former had insinuated that the latter made some "dark comments" about race but refused to divulge further details after being asked about it by other RHOBH housewives.

Crystal sat with Kyle and Sutton with Garcelle to talk about what happened the previous day and Crystal's "dark comments" accusation towards Sutton that nobody knew.

While Crystal denied talking about the same and didn't reveal any details, Sutton spoke about how she talked about her child hanging out with other kids of different races over a year ago, which she thought could have offended her fellow co-star. However, Garcelle said there were missing pieces to the puzzle.

Check out what the fans had to say about the same.

Sutton is a tone deaf but I don’t think she’s racist. I’m glad we eventually move past this storyline because unless they show footage proving otherwise this is pointless #RHOBH
Crystal my love…I…I don’t understand..I haven’t heard the dark part yet #RHOBH
If what Sutton is saying is ALL she said to Crystal then..👀😒 who appointed Crystal the head of race relations #RHOBH
Crystal definitely read into Sutton’s comments but I can honestly see why she wouldve asked “Are you that girl” to Sutton. Crystal gotta learn to laugh at some things #RHOBH
Sutton’s comment was definitely tone deaf with what the conversation was related to, but in no way do I think it was “dark.” If that’s not the comment Crystal was referring to then she’s gonna have to speak up and not let everyone else write the narrative. #RHOBH
Crystal got so much heat for “violated” and “dark” but Kyle is allowed to call her dangerous and a gaslighter and dramatic and passive aggressive and she’s just supposed to happily take the feedback… hmm #RHOBH
If Bravo had the footage I feel like they should’ve flashed back by now #RHOBH
between what Crystal WON’T say and what Sutton JUST said... is there some missing additional footage that’ll drop at some point?? because that can’t be the “dark” statement, surely 🤔😣 #RHOBH
Crystal felt what Sutton said to her was dark. It doesn’t mean that’s the case. However, no one was present besides Kyle, Sutton, Crystal and the producers. Two of whom are white cast members that stuff wouldn’t see it that way. #RHOBH
But WHY would Crystal throw out that accusation if it wasn’t true knowing it won’t end good for her if she was lying?? There must be more to it 🧐🧐🧐 #RHOBH
That couldn’t have been the conversation that Crystal is talking about because Kyle wasn’t there #RHOBH

What more to expect from Episode 5 of RHOBH?

Viewers are in for a lot of drama on this episode. The next couple of episodes will also capture a lot in terms of friendships, relationships, and arguments amongst the RHOBH housewives. They will all have to live with each other until their vacation in Punta De Mita, Mexico, ends. All we know is that the next few weeks will surely be more dramatic where past issues will be brought up and present dynamics questioned.

The official synopsis for the episode, titled In Hot Water, reads:

“Kyle and Garcelle attempt to get to the bottom of the alleged “dark comments” Sutton made a year ago, but Crystal refuses to divulge what was said. Lisa suffers a devastating loss. Diana sweetens the trip to Mexico by chartering a private jet, but the getaway may not be enough to ease Dorit’s ongoing anxiety. Erika and Lisa’s comments push Sutton to a breaking point.”

On a private jet, the cast flew to Punta De Mita, Mexico. Upon arrival, the members were split into two groups while going to the hotel. Sutton Stracke, Erika Jayne, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Garcelle Beauvais got into one car, while Lisa Ring, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and Diana Jenkins took another.

There was a clear distinction between who the RHOBH housewives bonded with the most, as was clear from their conversations along the way. Both the groups started talking about each other and addressed issues that had happened previously.

Garcelle revealed that Diana had sent her stylist and crew before her arrival. The latter's stylist arrived at the suite before the RHOBH Housewives and arranged the room as per her needs and requirements. The star said:

“So whenever I travel, I send people ahead to set up and put things in place I wanted to. I just need to make sure that wherever I am going, it’s in a good condition."

Last week, Garcelle got into an argument with Erika as the former said there was no compassion from the latter's end. However, Erika revealed that she was in a bad state because of the lawsuit and a lot had to be done.

The topic of "dark comments" also came into the picture, as Crystal opened up about her breakdown in the previous RHOBH episodes, and Garcelle called her out for an incident last year. While the former refused to divulge any details, the housewives and viewers were left wondering what happened.

RHOBH airs every Wednesday at 8.00 pm ET on Bravo. Viewers who do not have access to the cable channel can watch it on live streaming services such as FuboTV, Philo, DirecTV Stream, Sling, and YouTube TV. The drama is only getting better this season, and viewers can expect many more.

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