TikToker who got “refuse to wear a mask” tattoo before coronavirus regrets decision

Leah Holland’s refuse to wear a mask tattoo (Image via TikTok Wakaflockafloccar)
Leah Holland’s refuse to wear a mask tattoo (Image via TikTok Wakaflockafloccar)

TikToker goes above and beyond the call of entertainment by accepting some outlandish trends and challenges. The newest challenge asked netizens to share stories of the dumbest tattoos they’ve gotten.

A TikToker, who goes by the name of Wakaflockafloccar, stepped up to this newest trend and revealed that she had gotten ‘refuse to wear a mask’ tattooed just weeks short of the pandemic outbreak.

In a video, while rolling up her sleeve to show the tattoo, Leah Holland, the woman behind the TikTok handle, said:

“I won this. I got this tattoo, I’ve wanted it for a couple of years. It basically means being true to yourself and real and not pretending to be something you’re not.”

She got her tattoo on March 4th, just a few weeks before the global lockdown. The full tattoo reads:

“Courageously and radically refuse to wear a mask.”

While it may have a personal memento to herself, it hasn’t aged well.

Her decision to get the tattoo was personal and could have meant several things as a metaphor. But owing to the global pandemic, entire countries began shutting down as most international travel was banned. Public gatherings, for the most part, were outlawed, and wearing masks became a mandate.

One TikToker asked Leah if she would consider removing it, to which the latter replied:

“I wore long sleeves all last year so no one would see it. But I don’t think I’ll get it removed/covered up. It makes for a good story.”

With the tattoo doing no one harm, it’s safe to assume that it will indeed make for a hilarious story sometime in the distant future.

What else are TikTokers up to?

There has never seemed to be a dull or controversy-free moment on TikTok in recent weeks. A while back, a TikToker, known as Jessica Brown, used industrial-grade Gorilla Glue to style her hair. This left her hair glued to her scalp for over a month.

She finally got relief after a specialist managed to free her hair with the help of basic chemistry.

Not long after her ordeal was over, another TikToker, Avani Reyes, also managed to superglue her hair.

Despite netizens calling her out for seeking attention, as she was well aware of what Gorilla Glue did, Avani managed to collect the funds needed for surgery.

Yet another group of TikTokers indulged in a rather macabre trend by dancing on top of stranger's tombstones. The most distressing part of these videos was that, apart from teenagers, adults were also seen doing so.

This trend was disrespectful and dangerous, as it could potentially encourage youngsters and reinforce the belief that this is acceptable behavior.

Finally, just as the snowstorm over Texas seemed to be coming to an end, TikTokers began flooding the platform with conspiracy theories regarding 'fake snow.'

Many users on the platform uploaded videos showing how the snow was refusing to melt. Some even went as far as blaming Joe Biden and Bill Gates for the snowstorm that left millions without electricity and running water.

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