Top 5 celebrities with most Instagram followers

Two most followed celebrities on Instagram (Images via Cristiano Ronaldo & Kylie Jenner/Instagram)
Two most followed celebrities on Instagram (Images via Cristiano Ronaldo & Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

According to reports, Instagram has over 1.3 billion users. Over the years, the 11-year-old photo and video sharing app, for its users, has acted as a social media platform for sharing memories, staying in touch with friends, presenting portfolios, selling and buying products, seeking justice, and much more.

The popular networking tool has kept us addicted for years since its launch in 2010. Among other things, the social media platform provides us a chance to connect with our favorite celebrities and enjoy sneak peeks of their lives. But who are the most-followed celebrities on the platform as of January 2022? Scroll down to find out.

Five most-followed celebrities on Instagram

5) Kim Kardashian

With 282 million followers, Kim Kardashian is ranked the 5th most followed Instagram user. Despite being one of the most famous celebrities on Earth, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum had her number of followers rapidly growing only after her divorce from Kanye West.

In the list of celebrities with the most followers, she holds her place above celebrities like Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, her sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and many more.

4) Dwayne Johnson, Ariana Grande & Selena Gomez

Dwayne Johnson, Ariana Grande & Selena Gomez (Images via Getty Images and FimMagic)
Dwayne Johnson, Ariana Grande & Selena Gomez (Images via Getty Images and FimMagic)

In a neck-and-neck war for the position of the fourth most followed person on the 'Gram, three celebrities hold the same rank. These celebrities include actor and former WWE star Dwayne Johnson (who goes by his ring name, The Rock), singer-songwriter and actress Ariana Grande, and actress turned singer Selena Gomez.

All three celebrities currently have 292 million followers, competing in the ongoing race of Instagram dominance, as their followers increase each day.

3) Lionel Messi

As it turns out, Lionel Messi, arguably Ronaldo's biggest rival in football, is also one of his biggest competitors on Insta.

Leo Messi, who currently has 303 million followers, takes the place of the third most-followed 'Gram user and that of the second man (after Cristiano Ronaldo) to have the largest number of followers on the social networking site.

2) Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner (Image via Getty Images)
Kylie Jenner (Image via Getty Images)

The 24-year-old Kylie Cosmetics mogul was behind Leo Messi in the category of most followed celebrities during the end of 2021. However, in the second week of January 2022, she became the first woman to gain a total of 300 million followers on Insta.

The Queen of 'Gram currently has 305 million followers, making her the second most followed celebrity on the platform.

1) Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo (Image via AP)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Image via AP)

While Instagram's official account is followed by 465 million users, making it the account with the highest number of followers, Cristiano Ronaldo has the second most followed account.

CR7, the most-followed person on the social networking app, was the first to achieve 200 million followers. He currently has 394 million followers, which keeps growing every day.

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