Top 5 K-pop idols that are ISFJs

Which K-pop idols are MBTI type ISFJ? Pictured: TWICE Dahyun (Image via JYP Entertainment)
Which K-pop idols are MBTI type ISFJ? Pictured: TWICE Dahyun (Image via JYP Entertainment)

Which K-pop idols are ISFJs? The acronym ISFJ stands for the words introverted, sensing, feeling, judging. This is an MBTI classification coined by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs, using references from Carl Jung.

People who receive the ISFJ result are said to be "defenders" or "protectors." They are the type of people who tend to stick to the background but always keep an eye out on everyone. They are efficient people yet cherish the personal connections they make throughout their lives.

This article will list several K-pop idols who have taken the MBTI test and received the ISFJ result.

Which K-pop idol is the MBTI type ISFJ?

5) Nu'est JR

JR, or Kim Jong-hyun, from the K-pop band Nu'est, is said to be an ISFJ. He is the leader of and a rapper for the five-member boy group under Pledis Entertainment.

JR debuted on March 15, 2012, as a member of Nu'est. He was a contestant on Season 2 of Produce 101, along with three of his other members, including Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren. JR was born on June 8, 1995, and is 26 years old.

4) PENTAGON Hui and Yeo One

As it turns out, many K-pop groups have more than one ISFJ member. Pentagon is another such group, with two of the eight members sharing the same MBTI type of ISFJ.

Hui and Yeo One are just three years apart, with Hui being the older one. He was born on August 28, 1993, making him 28 years old as of September 2021. The singer was born in Gwacheon, South Korea. Yeo One is 25 years old. The Daejeon-origin K-pop singer was born on March 27, 1996.

3) VICTON Seung-woo, Se-jun, Byung-chan and Seung-sik

VICTON is chock-full of ISFJ people. After all the members took the MBTI test, they found four out of the seven members were MBTI type ISFJ.

VICTON is a seven-member K-pop under Play M Entertainment. They debuted on November 9, 2016, with their EP Voice to New World. Most recently, the group returned on January 11 earlier this year. Several of the members have made their solo debuts.

2) NCT Do-young and Jae-min

Many members of NCT have taken the MBTI test as well. Do-young and Jae-min from the group shared the same result, ISFJ-T.

ISFJ-T's are supposedly good at problem-solving and tend to find problems before they even occur. They are considerate people who take in the opinions of other people before acting.

Do-young and Jae-min are both singers for the K-pop boy group. Do-young is currently 25 years old (born on February 1, 1996), while Jae-min was born on August 13, 2000, making him 21 years old.

1) TWICE Da-hyun and Jeong-yeon

After the entirety of TWICE took the MTBI quiz, fans found out that both Da-hyun and Jeong-yeon are, in fact, ISFJs.

K-pop girl group TWICE debuted in 2015 under JYP Entertainment. Kim Da-hyun was born on May 28, 1998, and is currently 23 years old. She is a rapper for TWICE. Yoo Jeong-yeon is a singer for the group and was born on November 1, 1996. This makes her 24 years old.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar