Top 5 Peaky Blinders episodes that cannot be missed

A still from Peaky Blinders, currently streaming on Netflix (Image via Instagram/@peakyblindersofficial)
A still from Peaky Blinders, currently streaming on Netflix (Image via Instagram/@peakyblindersofficial)

The electrifying and action-packed drama series Peaky Blinders debuted on September 12, 2013 on Netflix. Set in the murky alleys of Birmingham, England, it chronicles the story of a criminal gang, "Peaky Blinders", ruling their way up in the heart of England following the First World War.

Created by Steven Knight, the critically-acclaimed hit series stars Cillian Murphy as the lead character, Thomas "Tommy" Shelby. Since the arrival of the series, it has become quite the fan-favorite with its charming yet incredibly dangerous characters, arresting storylines, and gripping acting from the ensemble cast.

Throughout the season, the series has given its viewers several jaw-dropping episodes, and some of them deserve a special mention.

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Brush up on some of the best Peaky Blinders episodes before the final season in June

Here are five of the best episodes of Peaky Blinders, ranked in reverse order.

5) Season 5 Episode 6: "Mr. Jones"


Season 5 of Peaky Blinders managed to grab three places on this list, proving that the series got more interesting with time. The sixth episode, titled "Mr. Jones," which was also the season finale, made a huge impact on viewers.

The episode showcased the intriguing night of the rally, where Tommy Shelby came up with a credible plan and was waiting to execute it patiently - perhaps a bit too patiently, for, there was a rat in the mix, and the entire plan soon fell apart.

Just as the audience was about to say goodbye to Oswald, they had to bury sweet Barney and Aberama Gold instead. It is safe to say that this episode was one of the most heartbreaking ones of the entire season.

4) Season 4 Episode 1: "The Noose"


The Season 4 premiere of Peaky Blinders blew viewers' minds. It captured Christmas time, but shortly after, everything was all gloomy and distressing and the holidays were suddenly cut short as Tommy Shelby received a threat letter.

Tommy then tried to get his entire family to reunite; however, it is too late. While there was another extremely disheartening and shocking death in this particular episode, Shelby's butchering of the butcher's assistant was another unforgettable highlight.

3) Season 4 Episode 6: "The Company"


The Season 4 finale featured a thrilling boxing match between Bonnie Gold and Goliath, and Arthur Shelby almost died. Tommy Shelby and the other boys certainly pulled it together for this one.

The distillery scene in this episode was so iconic; who can forget the shocking look on Changretta's face when Tommy Shelby pulled the rug out from underneath him? Alfie was also shot at the very end of the episode, making it one of the best ones of the entire series.

2) Season 2 Episode 6


The Season 2 finale of Peaky Blinders was a blinder of a cliffhanger. What made it remarkable? The thrilling drama involving May and Grace; an extremely sneaky mission at the Derby; a time-sensitive plan; and most significantly, the highly-anticipated death of Inspector Campbell.

The episode contained so many thrills that the audience could almost not keep up, and the cliffhanger where Tommy was kidnapped was also a highlight of this episode.

1) Season 3 Episode 6


The Season 3 finale tops this list. It was absolutely brilliant and extremely enthalling to watch. This episode featured Tommy Shelby's biggest move till then, and it came as a shock to the audience. It is safe to say that the visuals of this episode were hard to miss, and it left the audience mesmerized till the end. The Peaky Blinders did not mess around, and this particular episode proved that rather well.

With Peaky Blinders Season 6 arriving on Netflix on June 10, 2022, fans of the series are buzzing with excitement and anticipation to see what this gem of the series brings to the table for its final season.

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