Top 5 YouTubers who were exposed for lying 

Images via Pinterest and Instagram
Images via Pinterest and Instagram

Fans can only see what their favorite YouTubers post online. There is so much behind the scenes which one may not know about. Fortunately, sooner than later, their lies catch up with them and YouTubers must face reality.

In the era of cancel culture, lying to your fans is not acceptable, and YouTubers are being held accountable for their actions. Here are 5 YouTubers who were exposed for lying.

YouTubers forced to catch up with their lies

Logan Paul

Logan Paul posted a video in November 2016, claiming that he was color blind and had then got glasses which could help him see the full spectrum of colors. It was soon revealed that the Impaulsive podcast host never experienced color blindness.

The Ohio-native stood up for his defense and said that he wanted to create good content that would capture what it meant to be color blind. The internet attacked him for making offensive content and showing exaggerated reactions.

Zoe Sugg

Image via Rex
Image via Rex

The fashion and lifestyle YouTuber released her own book Girl Online in 2014, which sold more copies than JK Rowling and Dan Brown in the first week. She also made the New York Times Young Adult Best Sellers List for the book. It was later revealed that the British YouTuber did not write the book on her own but had a ghost writer.

The YouTube star, who had garnered a huge following for her Zoella brand, was under attack, she then released a video admitting to having “help.” Her publisher, Penguin, also released a statement saying:

“The factual accuracy of the matter is simply that Zoe Sugg did not write Girl Online on her own. For her first novel, Girl Online, Zoe has worked with an expert editorial team to help her bring to life her characters and experiences in a heartwarming and compelling story.”

Daisy Marquez

The Mexico native, who is popular on YouTube for her makeup content, posted a video on her channel where “paranormal activity” was observed. Fans noticed her door moving on its own and orbs floating across the camera. She also took to Twitter, claiming that she was “pushed” down the stairs. Fans accused her of staging the incident and accusing the YouTuber of lying.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Daisy Marquez has actively denied the allegations.

Danielle Cohn

Social media influencer Danielle Cohn rose to fame when for lip-synching on and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the music industry.

The Florida-native began posting suggestive photos online, lying about her age and saying that she was pregnant (which turned out to be a prank). Danielle was also in a relationship with then 18-year-old influencer Sebastian Topete and is currently in an on and off relationship with 19 year old influencer Mikey Tua.

The YouTuber was exposed by her dad on Facebook, where he shared Danielle Cohn’s real age after representing herself online in a way he did not “approve of.” He claimed that she was 13 years old.

The singer also posted a video on YouTube saying she had an abortion which made the internet 'concerned' and has recently revealed that she has opened a OnlyFans account.

Danielle Cohn claims to be 15 years old but fans speculate that she is younger.

Lisa Li

A social media influencer from China was living a life full of lies. Lisa Li was known for living a luxurious life till her landlord exposed her. The video showed her apartment with unwashed dishes, molded food and dog excrement in the apartment. The YouTuber, who had over a million views on her channel, later apologized to her landlord. She was also exposed for not paying utility bills on time.

Image via Weibo
Image via Weibo

Lisa Li was famous for her pictures of exotic vacations, fancy hotels and designer outfits.

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