Travis Scott x Nike Wheat: Where to buy, release date, price, and more explored about the second apparel drop 

Nike x Travis Scott second drop (Image via Travis Scott Shop)
Nike x Travis Scott second drop (Image via Travis Scott Shop)

After almost six months of delay, Travis Scott and Nike are back. Travis Scott, also referred to as La Flame, surprised his fans and brand enthusiasts with the second drop in three days. The first drop, which contained two colorways of Air Trainer 1's and an accompanying apparel collection, dropped on May 20, 2022.

The artist just launched another drop on his site on May 23, 2022, including Travis Scott x Air Max 1 Wheat/ Baroque Brown and an accompanying apparel and accessories collection. The drop includes an 8-piece apparel line and a 4-piece accessories line.

More about the newly launched Travis Scott x Nike apparel collection

newly launched Travis Scott x Nike apparel collection (Image via @Travis Scott / Instagram)
newly launched Travis Scott x Nike apparel collection (Image via @Travis Scott / Instagram)

Whether the fans feel it's too soon or not, La Flame and Nike have decided to move forward with their partnership. La Flame is one of Houston's most prominent artists, and six months after the Astroworld tragedy, the artist has been on a much-needed hiatus.

The latest line by the artist and the swoosh brand is more than just a drop. Reportedly, the newest drop's proceeds will be going towards Project Heal to help community initiatives. Launched back in March 2022, it is an effort to make live events safer.

The rapper took to his Instagram handle to announce the release of TS Air Max 1 Wheat, alongside a summer 2022 collection that included shirts, shorts, a belt, a bikini, a tote, a sarong, and socks.

Naturally, the shoes were dropped via raffle, which was filled up in under 30 minutes, and reportedly this time, there were more than a million entries in the first 30 minutes of the raffle. However, one can still grab the merch, which is still not sold out.

The collection offers three tees, including 2 The Max Tee, Flower Tee, and Wolf Tee. Tees are made from washed and heavyweight materials with discharge prints.

2 The Max tee uses water and oil-based printing, The flower Tee uses HI-D printing, whereas the Wolf Tee uses Puff detailing. All three tees from the collection retail at $45 in sizes S to 2XL.

The second item from the merch offering is shorts, which come in three colorways, including Wolf Shorts, Starbust Shorts, and Stripe shorts. All three shorts from the collection are made of 100% woven cotton.

Wolf shorts come with grosgrain, woven patches, and embroidery details. The Starbust shorts come with print, woven patch, and embroidery details, and lastly, the Stripe shorts come with grosgrain and chenille patch details. All three shorts from the collection retails at $95.

The collection also offers a crochet bucket hat made of cotton/ polyester and retails for $60. The woven belt from the collection is made out of cotton/ polyester crochet details and retails for $75.

The Crochet Tote and Crochet Bikini are made with grosgrain straps and retail for $80 and $90. Starburst Sarong is made out of chiffon and retails for $45. Lastly, the Starburst socks are 100% cotton jacquard and retail for $24.

One can avail of the collection on the official e-commerce site,, however, the raffle for the shoes has been closed.

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