Twitter explodes as "RIP Chris Pratt" trends online

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Worried about #RIPChrisPratt? Fret not, as popular MCU star Chris Pratt is very much alive.

Fans of Star Lord, aka Chris Pratt, were recently left shocked on logging onto Twitter, as they were greeted with the ominous hashtag "RIP Chris Pratt" trending online.

As they desperately tried to unearth the mystery behind this worrisome new hashtag, they realised that fierce critics of the Guardians of The Galaxy star had decided to create an entirely new method of denouncing his very existence.

Chris Pratt has been under incessant fire of late, ever since a tweet labelling him the "worst Chris" went viral online.

Since then, the number of detractors grew significantly as several began listing their grievances against the 41-year old star. Some significant accusations labelled him homophobic, anti-LGBTQ, and an alleged Donald Trump supporter.

From slamming his decision to not attend a Joe Biden x Kamala Harris rally back in October to targeting him for going to a church that allegedly supports "conversion" therapy, the MCU star has been subject to an overwhelming amount of criticism lately.

This time around was no different, as several Twitter users began trending the hashtag #RIPChrisPratt as a means to castigate the Hollywood star.

Why do people not like Chris Pratt? Twitter attempts to cancel him yet again


Most of the hate that comes Chris Pratt's way stems from reasons that are mostly unverified or unproven.

Feeding off the basis of assumptions, a majority of his detractors have been quick to jump onto the hate bandwagon without any justifiable reason of sorts.

From labelling him the "worst Chris" to calling him out for being an alleged Trump supporter, the past few months have been rather forgettable for Chris Pratt, especially when it comes to his public perception.

Moreover, his personal life continues to remain under intense scrutiny with his divorce with Anna Faris causing several fans to adopt a critical stance against him.

On paper, most of the reasons behind why people love to hate Chris Pratt stem from mere whims and assumptions that have evolved due to rumours spreading like wildfire.

In fact, the criticism against him had reached such a point, that back in October, the online community tried to cancel him for simply promoting his film Onward in a unique manner.

Keeping this in mind, Twitter was abuzz once again recently with the hashtag #RIPChrisPratt running amok online.

From stating which Chris is the best, to mocking his Avengers co-stars for supporting him, here are some of the reactions:

As a large number of users attempted to cancel Chris Pratt for a series of photoshopped and old, fake tweets, fans urged them to abstain from tarnishing his image:

The recent decision to trend Chris Pratt with a questionable hashtag seems to have left the internet divided.

The last time he was subjected to unwarranted online hate, his Marvel co-stars such as Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana and Robert Downey Jr stepped in to defend him.

It appears that these days, Twitter seems to have developed a penchant for hating Chris Pratt, simply for the sake of doing so.

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