Victoria Goode GoFundMe: Family launches fundraiser as aspiring model is stabbed to death by roommate

27-year-old fatally stabbed by roommate in a Manhattan shelter, (Images via @iamvictoriajade/Instagram
27-year-old fatally stabbed by roommate in a Manhattan shelter, (Images via @iamvictoriajade/Instagram)

27-year-old Victoria Goode was fatally stabbed at a shelter in Manhattan on Friday, December 16, 2022. Goode was allegedly attacked by Charmaine Crossman, 42, who was arrested four days after the incident happened.

According to NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig, Crossman was held without bail. Crossman and Victoria Goode were roommates in a homeless shelter in Manhattan. Police arrested Crossman on Tuesday, December 20, and alleged that she ran away after stabbing Goode.

A fundraiser has been organized by Victoria’s family, to raise funds for the burial and funeral rituals of Victoria Goode. The GoFundMe post aims to raise an amount of $10,000. People have already donated more than $6,800.

Charmaine Crossman arrested on charges of murdering aspiring model Victoria Goode in a homeless shelter

Charmaine Crossman and 27-year-old aspiring model Victoria Goode were living in a homeless shelter on East 45th Street in Manhattan. On December 16, Goode and Crossman allegedly got into a fight after arguing about loud music in the room. The same has been confirmed by the NYPD, as well as various media outlets.

The 42-year-old allegedly stabbed Victoria Goode multiple times after the altercation. Other residents heard Goode’s screams and reached out to check. At around 10 pm local time, residents found Victoria suffering from a brutal stabbing. Charmaine Crossman allegedly fled the scene.

63-year-old Melinda Anders, a resident of the hostel, heard the screams and went to check on Goode on the sixth floor of the building. Anders later told the New York Daily News,

“I heard a lot of screaming and I came out, went upstairs, and saw a lot of blood in the hallway. It made my stomach upset. That's something I can't forget… I heard it all the way down on the second floor.”

A surveillance camera reportedly captured the entire event. Crossman was seen throwing the bloody knife into a trash bin by the street after stabbing Victoria Goode with it. Goode’s heartbroken father James Goode said that Victoria was scared for her life even before the attack took place. He said,

“My baby’s gone, my only daughter.”

The 65-year-old father further added,

“She feared for her life before the attack, that’s what her mother told me. She feared for her life just this month. She complained to the shelter more than once, and she called the cops too. She described her roommate as more than a jerk. She said her roommate used to go around talking to the devil, talking to a pumpkin and crap.”

According to a criminal complaint filed in court, Charmaine allegedly began spraying an air freshener at the victim, who then threw a blanket at her. This was when the squabble became violent. Soon after this, Charmaine reportedly took a knife and stabbed Victoria Goode multiple times.

When cops arrived, they rushed Victoria to Bellevue Hospital, where she was declared dead. After fleeing the scene, Crossman surrendered on Tuesday.

Goode’s family began a fundraiser on GoFundMe for Victoria’s last rites

According to Stanford Rubenstein, an attorney representing the family of Victoria Goode,

“She [Victoria Goode] told the family that there were concerns that she had with regard to the roommate. She told the shelter that there were concerns in regards to the roommate.”

The family has retained Rubenstein’s firm to look for possible legal action against the city. According to Attorney Stanford Rubenstein, authorities must be held accountable for the safety of these shelters. He also claimed that the shelter was not at all cooperative when it came to Victoria’s safety.

27-year-old Victoria Goode was an aspiring model from Oklahoma who was trying to make it big in New York City. Goode was featured on the Vogue Mexico cover, but lately, she has been struggling to find work.

Crossman reportedly had blood stains on her clothes when she surrendered on Tuesday, (Image via Homeless New Yorker/Twitter)
Crossman reportedly had blood stains on her clothes when she surrendered on Tuesday, (Image via Homeless New Yorker/Twitter)

Goode’s elder brother Daemen King gave an exclusive interview with the New York Daily News and spoke about his beloved sister. King said,

“She attended New York Fashion Week and did some magazine covers. She’s also done numerous runways. That’s why she was in New York.”

Daemen had also started a GoFundMe page for Victoria’s funeral rituals. The post read as follows:

“Please help us lay our beloved Victoria Jade Goode to rest. We appreciate any help at this time as our family tries to navigate through this process. Again, we appreciate all the support, and all donations are welcomed.”

A spokesperson for the NYPD’s 17th Precinct Council addressed the tragic incident and said the shelter has not been a safe place, and many suspicious events have been taking place in and around. The spokesperson further added,

“A lot of disturbing things [at that shelter], so it's no surprise there was an incident of this nature there. We are working to improve the situation there.”

Crossman supposedly had a Jamaican passport. However, when the police took her into custody, she did not have it on her. It is unclear whether Crossman has retained a lawyer or entered a plea. She has been charged with the murder of her roommate, Victoria Goode.

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