"Genuinely terrifying": Video of Andrew Tate beating a woman resurfaces online amid growing mass outrage online

Andrew Tate (Image via cobratate/Instagram)
Andrew Tate (Image via cobratate/Instagram)

Following the recent social media ban controversy surrounding former pro-kickboxer Andrew Tate, a video of him assaulting a woman has gone viral. In the video, Tate seems to be hitting his possible girlfriend at the time.

While the origin of the video is unknown, the disturbing footage first surfaced when Tate was in Britain’s Big Brother (UK) in 2016, which led to him being removed from the series within a week of its spread on social media.


The recent re-emergence of the video has invited heavy criticism for the Hustler’s University founder. Amid a legion of tweets calling him and his supporters out, Twitter user Maya (@mayaaliciaj) mentioned how it was “genuinely terrifying” to see the support Andrew Tate still receives. The tweet said:

Disclaimer: This article contains information on abuse and domestic violence.

What happened in the viral video of Andrew Tate’s domestic violence against the woman?


In the highly disconcerting video, Andrew Tate can be seen hitting a woman with a belt. It appears that the violence against the unidentified woman was over the fact that she had conversations with other men over texts.

The video further showed Andrew ordering the woman to address the cause of the abuse. He shouted:

“I said, ‘Tell the camera that I beat you because you don’t do as I say.”

Later, Tate mercilessly slaps the woman as she seemingly messes up the line he demanded. In the video, the controversial social media personality further said:

“Did I say the word [unintelligible]?”

Despite her cries, Tate continued to slap the woman and took off his belt to further abuse her. In another portion of the clip, obtained by the Daily Star in 2016, Andrew Tate said:

“That’s right, lock the door you f***ing p***y, you knew I was going to beat the f*** out of you. If you behaved I wouldn’t have to hit you, would I?”

The video also showed how Tate made his then-girlfriend, the blonde woman, say to the camera:

“My daddy hits me. Because I’m his w***e and I do as I’m told.”

As of now, it is unclear if the publicly labeled “King of Toxic Masculinity” faced any legal repercussions due to the assault. Andrew Tate denied the allegations at the time but made a few contradictory comments.

According to Marie Clarie, Tate claimed the allegations against him were untrue at the time. Meanwhile, other reports from the time suggest that he claimed the video was edited.

However, he also claimed the video was consensual and said:

“This tape is a kinky s*x video and we’re acting out a role play. A longer version of the video shows us laughing and I’m hitting myself saying, 'It doesn’t hurt'. I’m still friends with her and she’s in the UK with me now. I would never hit a woman."

Netizens double down on their support of Andrew Tate’s social media ban after assault video resurfaces

After the assault video resurfaced, many social media users applauded his recent social media ban from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Some tweets further called out his supporters for defending him online.

However, many have claimed that the video might have been a role-play since Tate had made public comments about hitting women, saying that women are properties of men and are subordinate to them multiple times.

He is currently under investigation for human trafficking in Romania, a country he claimed to have chosen to reside in for their allegedly lax s*xual assault punishments. Thus, the activities mentioned above do not paint a positive picture of the personality, which is likely why a legion of netizens support his social media ban.

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