Viral Yung Gravy Twitter video sparks memefest online 

Yung Gravy's leaked video has sparked numerous memes online (Image via Twitter)
Yung Gravy's leaked video has sparked numerous memes online (Image via Twitter)

Rapper Yung Gravy has become the talk of the town after a tape leaked online on Saturday, June 16, showed him getting intimate with someone. The tape has now been deleted.

While the rapper is definitely not the first to experience a tape leak, it has still managed to spark a memefest online, especially on Twitter.

Soon after the leak, the rapper posted a video on social media, saying:

“Yep, I saw it, it’s just the way she goes baby.”
Yung Gravy Reaction to His Sex Tape Getting Leaked #yunggravy

That’s not all, the rapper made a reference to the leaked tape in a tweet that he posted about how he charted at number 68 on the Billboard Top 100 this month.

yeah yeah, y’all saw the tape but in more wholesome news <3 I charted on billboard for first time in my career. Reminds me of meeting ur mother but I skipped 69 this time

Apart from the memes and the opinions on the leaked tape, fans are also praising the rapper for his calm and composed response to the tape leak.

Twitter erupts with memes as news of Yung Gravy tape leak goes viral

On Saturday, June 16, a Twitter user uploaded a video of the rapper online where he can be seen getting intimate with a woman. The video, which has since been deleted, was viewed by millions within minutes and sparked a plethora of memes online:

POV: me watching Yung Gravy’s leaked vid thinking it would just be a look-alike until I saw his face#yunggravy
me logging onto twitter after Yung Gravy's tape was leaked
just saw yung gravy’s tape bro
just saw the yung gravy video bye
yung gravy leaked??? he’s just taking a nice pic with a fan.
Please i thought the yung gravy leaked video was fake until he turned the camera around 😭💀 #selfie 😁✌️
me checking to see why yung gravy is trending on tiktok

At the same time, some also raised concerns about privacy violations and called out the "internet's obsession with violating people." One user wrote:

“Like this was clearly not consensual and he seems upset & it’s clearly an invasion of privacy??”
A user on Twitter voices their opinion against the tape leak (Image via @sticksinthemud/ Twitter)
A user on Twitter voices their opinion against the tape leak (Image via @sticksinthemud/ Twitter)
in all seriousness it’s very weird to leak someone’s personal vids and pics. like if they didn’t post it themselves why would you do that. like even if yung gravy doesn’t care imagine how the girl feels
The internet getting too comfortable making jokes about Yung Gravy's leaked tape and for dome even spreads it. Just because he's a man doesn't mean he isn't less of a victim than any other person whose tapes are posted against their will. PLS

Seeing Yung Gravy handle the situation with composure, netizens showered praise on the American rapper.

Yung Gravy is handling his stuff getting leaked like a gentleman. He is so kind and down to earth. I feel so bad for him. People seriously suck
The way Yung Gravy handled the video of him that got leaked 😭

Who is Yung Gravy?

Yung Gravy, whose original name is Matthew Raymon Hauri, is an American Rapper. The 26-year-old has been in the industry for about six years now, and is also a hip-hop music producer.

Originally hailing from Minnesota, Yung moved to Wisconsin for college and graduated in December 2017. He rose to fame when he gained traction on SoundCloud with his breakout hit, Mr. Clean. He has since been on seven international tours.


His songs have raked in millions of views and likes on YouTube, and many fans describe his music as being cheerful and light, unlike other heavy metal raps. His other popular singles include Buttered Up and Boomin.

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