"Wanted to see deaf representation on TV screen": The Circle season 5 star Raven on signing up for the show

Raven Sutton
Raven Sutton's desire to see deaf representation on TV inspired her to join The Circle (Image via Instagram/@bluejay19xx)

Season 5 of The Circle recently aired on Netflix and has already gained a lot of interest among viewers. One of the reasons why the show is so popular is its diverse cast and its overall unique format. One of the contestants in the current season is Raven Sutton, an ASL dancer, performer, and disability advocate.

Raven and her interpreter and best friend Paris appeared on an episode of The Ringer, It Was All a Stream, where they discussed the Netflix show. During the appearance, Raven emphasized on the importance of representation and said that she wanted to see a deaf person on the show.

Raven further shared:

"I want to be able to see deaf representation on the TV screen and it’ll be about deafness, right?"

Raven Sutton joined The Circle to see deaf representation on TV screens

The Circle: Singles contestant Raven recently appeared on a Spotify Original podcast, The Ringer, It Was All a Stream, along with her best friend and interpreter Paris, and spoke about her journey on the show.

The episode’s description reads:

"Jomi sits down with Raven and Paris to speak about their time in 'The Circle' and what we can expect from the upcoming season."

Though the entire episode is a little over an hour long and discusses the first four episodes of the show, Raven and Paris join the hosts at the 55 minute mark. The hosts asked The Circle contestant what inspired her to join the show. Raven responded to this query by stating that she’s watched the show since its inception and wondered how the contestants make decisions in the game.

Raven would always put herself in their shoes and think about what she’d do if she was on the show, and the more she watched, the more she thought that she wanted to see a deaf person there.

She added:

"I want to be able to see deaf representation on the TV screen and it’ll be about deafness, right?"

Raven added that instead of waiting for someone else to do it, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and opted to “try it out and apply.”

The hosts then asked Raven about Paris and what it's been like having him around and living with him while being on The Circle. Raven said that he’s her “bestie outside of The Circle” and explained that the two met in college and have done a lot together. Paris has previously interpreted for Raven, and the two know each other quite well. Moreover, Raven further stated that he was the perfect person to enter the show with her.

She also explained:

"It was important that I wanted someone as my voice to make sure that they got all of the cultural nuances and my personality came, coming across the screen. I was like I need someone. I got a bad*ss personality like myself."

Raven Sutton has many talents

Raven Sutton is an ASL performer, social worker, and disability advocate. The Circle contestant received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work from Gallaudet University, where she also briefly worked as a peer advisor.

She has been working independently since 2020 to help provide expertise to businesses and other establishments that want to create diverse disability strategies to make their organizations more inclusive and a space from which the disabled community can benefit.

The Circle dropped the first four episodes on December 28 and will drop the next four on January 4. This will be followed by two more sets of episodes on January 11 before the finale episode drops on January 18.

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