WATCH: Bodycam footage shows Farmington officers shooting Chase Allan’s BMW during traffic stop

Bodycam footage capturing officers shooting Chase Allan has been released, (Image via The Salk Lake Tribune/YouTube)
Bodycam footage capturing officers shooting Chase Allan has been released, (Image via The Salk Lake Tribune/YouTube)

Bodycam footage of a 25-year-old man named Chase Allan being fatally shot by five Utah cops was released on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. The cops can be heard yelling “gun” and then opening fire on Chase Allan’s BMW during a traffic stop.

The incident happened at around 3.20 pm local time after he was pulled over by Farmington cops for driving without a license. According to the department, Chase Allan was being “non-compliant,” which is why the cops had to call for backup.

The Farmington Police Department further reported that the cops fired at Chase Allan only after they believed that he reached down to get what could be a gun or a holster. The footage showed that Allan refused to leave the car despite being asked repeatedly.


Cops said that they opened fire at Chase Allan after he reached to get what they thought could be a weapon

On March 1, 2023, Chase Allan was fatally shot by five cops in Utah during a traffic stop, the bodycam footage of which was recently released. The video captured the entire event, including the shooting and Allan’s subsequent death.

Cops can be seen firing at the 25-year-old constantly while he was inside his BMW. Allan later got into an argument with the cops when they pulled him over. When asked for his driver’s license, Chase Allan denied handing it over and instead responded with several anti-government views. He further questioned the cops’ authority to pull him over.

In the footage, an officer was first heard saying:

“The reason you were stopped today is because there is no registration on your vehicle.”

Chase Allan then said:

“I don’t need registration and I don’t answer questions.”

This was when the first officer who pulled him over called for backup. Allan and the officer got into an altercation where he said that the officer couldn’t detain him. The officer then responded by saying:

“The direction this encounter goes is 100% in your hands.”

The officer tried to convince him by repeatedly asking him to identify himself, and said:

“I understand what you are saying. But you are lawfully required to identify yourself… You can provide your identification to me and we can have a conversation about the laws you have broken or you can fail to identify to me and we can go that route too.”

Although Allan denied giving the officers any registration or identification, he eventually provided them with his passport. However, he refused to get out of the vehicle. The footage captured another officer threatening to pull him out by breaking his car’s window.

Allan was seen holding a phone in his left hand, which he then transferred to his right hand while a police officer opened the driver’s door. The officer then requested him to get out of the car again, and the door opened. Although he can be seen moving, it is unclear if he was trying to unbuckle his seatbelt or access the holster. However, no firearm was visible in the footage. Soon, the officers yelled and began shooting.

Despite this, Police Chief Eric Johnsen claimed that it is unclear what happened a few seconds before the shooting because the view was blocked by the car door. He said:

“I feel like they deserve privacy right now. It’s a tragic ending to what started out as an everyday traffic stop.”

Chief Johnsen continued:

“That escalation of force from verbal to hands-on, in my opinion, was absolutely reasonable and appropriate.”

However, he didn’t validate or justify the shooting. He claimed that any kind of justification can only be given after a thorough investigation has taken place, adding:

“I see them deal with professionally. An even-keeled, cool, calm, and collected temperament- and I see things go in a really tragic direction.”

Chase Allan’s mother filed a lawsuit against Farmington police in 2022 for being pulled over

Police have not alleged Chase Allan of shooting back at them. Moreover, authorities have not yet revealed the names of the five police officers seen in the bodycam footage. Allan’s family has described the incident as a “brutal murder” and questioned the need for the first officer to call backup in the first place.

His family has also alleged that the Farmington Police department of “stonewalling” them and that they did not notify them about the 25-year-old’s death. Responding to certain allegations, the police department said:

“I want to point out there has been a statement and an allegation made that backup was called for prior to this, which is absolutely untrue.”

Chase Allan’s family has had a history with the police department, and Johnsen claimed the officers were unaware of it. Last year, Diane Killian Allan, Chase’s mother, sued Farmington Police after getting pulled over for an expired vehicle registration. The lawsuit is ongoing, and Diane has been representing herself. She has claimed to be a “sovereign citizen” and that she doesn’t come under the jurisdiction of Farmington City.

Authorities discovered that 25-year-old Chase Allan had a similar perspective and considered himself a “sovereign citizen” as well.

As of this writing, it is unclear whether the officers involved in the March 1 shooting are in any way related to Diane Allan’s case.

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