Watch: Eddie Munson aka Joseph Quinn performs with Metallica backstage during Lollapalooza

Joseph Quinn collaborated with Metallica during Lollapalooza festival. (Image via Twitter / @xvperrieres)
Joseph Quinn collaborated with Metallica during Lollapalooza festival. (Image via Twitter / @xvperrieres)
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American metal legends Metallica featured Eddie Munson aka Joseph Quinn during their set at the Lollapalooza fest on July 28. The two also collaborated backstage for a performance. In a video shared by streaming platform Netflix, Joseph Quinn revealed that he went to the Chicago music festival to meet Metallica.

Joseph Quinn was recently seen performing Metallica’s Master of Puppets on the sci-fi/horror show Stranger Things. The song was originally released in 1986.

🤘this is for Eddie 🤘Joe Quinn met Eddie Munson's heroes: @Metallica!

For the unaware, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) has been portrayed as a metalhead and leader of the Dungeons & Dragons club, Hellfire, on Season 4 of Stranger Things. Munson has a significant scene where in an attempt to distract the Upside Down’s horrid creatures away from his friends, he gives an iconic performance of Master of Puppets on guitar.

Joseph Quinn collaborates with Metallica


When Quinn met Metallica, the band’s cofounder James Hetfield told him that he looked taller than on TV. Hetfield also told the actor that he had been a big fan of Stranger Things since season one. In the video, the father-of-three can be heard saying:

“I’m a big fan of it. Have been since season one. My kids and I, it’s been a bonding experience for us.”

While sitting casually with the group, Quinn thanked Hetfield, noting that he was listening to Metallica for the past two years:

“It’s all I was listening to for two years. I feel very connected to you guys.”

Hetfield replied by saying:

“Thanks for doing it justice by the way. You definitely did.”

After their chat, the band’s bassist Robert Trujillo invited Quinn to a backstage jam session. Quinn, who has been playing guitar since he was a child, jokingly said:

“I’m a bit rusty, so I might need a lesson.”

After the collaboration, drummer Lars Ulrich looked at the camera and claimed:

“We’d like to make an announcement. Metallica is now a five-piece.”

As a parting gift to Quinn, the band gifted him a signed custom B.C. Rich guitar, which was nearly identical to the one Eddie Munson played in the show.

Tudum quoted Quinn as saying:

“It was amazing! Opportunities to play ‘Master of Puppets’ with the most iconic metal band of all time don’t come around very often. A story for the grandkids.”

At Lollapalooza, Metallica featured Eddie Munson on big screens while performing Master of Puppets

Metallica performing "Master Of Puppets" while Eddie Munson is on the screens

Shortly after their meetup, Metallica gave a shout out to Eddie Munson during their headlining set at the Lollapalooza festival.

Metallica was the headliner for day one of the Chicago festival, and had a set list that included their hits like Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, a cover of AC/DC’s It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll) and Master Of Puppets.

Master of Puppets saw a surge in streams after it was featured on Stranger Things. The version on the show had additional guitar parts from Robert Trujillo’s son, Tye. The song peaked the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and UK Top 100 Singles Chart for the first time, peaking at Number 35 and 26, respectively.

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