We're just friends”: Selling the OC’s Alex Hall sets the record straight about her relationship with co-star Tyler Stanaland

Selling the OC’s Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland are "just friends" (Image via alexhall_o.c/Instagram)
Selling the OC’s Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland are "just friends" (Image via alexhall_o.c/Instagram)

Selling the OC star Alex Hall has set the record straight by addressing romance rumors about her and co-star Tyler Stanalan. Alex has revealed that she and Tyler are "just friends."

Rumors of their romance started after Alex and Tyler were photographed together on the same day after the latter announced his separation from his wife, Brittany Snow. They were spotted getting cozy at SOTA Sushi in Corona Del Mar, California. In relation to this, she told People:

“I think people really want to hold onto that idea that there’s something there between Tyler and [I]. I mean, at this point, we’re just friends, so there’s nothing more to it.”

Alex said they were at their favorite sushi restaurant and somebody snapped a picture of them on their iPhone. They were allegedly visiting with many of his "friends" since he was "going through a really, really hard time."

Selling the OC's Alex Hall denies involvement in Tyler Stanaland's divorce

Hours before being spotted with Alex, Tyler and Brittany announced that they had made the "difficult decision to separate" after realizing they weren't living their "most fulfilling and authentic lives."

The former couple announced their separation via Instagram on September 14, 2022, with identical statements. The former couple got married in Malibu, California, in March 2020.

Alex also said there was much more to Tyler and Brittany's split, which the Selling the OC audience didn't get to see. She said:

"It's something that had been long coming. His close friends know a little bit more about his personal life than the audience knows. So anybody in their right mind, I mean, who do you call when you're going through issues? You call your friends."

Alex said her friendship with Tyler did not lead to his divorce. The 33-years realist star said:

“I don't think that mine and Tyler's friendship had any contribution to his divorce. Tyler is a grown man and Brittany is a grown woman. I think that people need to understand there was a life that they had way before Tyler started filming and long before him and I ever became friends.”

Although Alex has claimed that her and Tyler's relationship is strictly platonic, she previously told Page Six that she didn't regret flirting with her then-married co-star on Selling the OC. She said:

I don’t really have regrets because I, I would do it again.”

However, Alex noted that "apologies have taken place" after her and Tyler's hug on the beach on Selling the OC.

As for her relationship with Brittany, she and the actress were only "acquaintances." She has met Brittany "in social settings," such as Tyler's birthday party. Alex's "loyalty lies with Tyler."

Alex is not the only friend supporting Selling the OC real estate agent Tyler after his split. Jason Oppenheim has also voiced his concern about him. He told E! News that they are "family in the Newport Beach office," and many of them are supporting Tyler as he is "a very likable person and a great professional."

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