WeCrashed Episode 7 review: Stupidity of wealth and living in delusion, the WeWork way

Still from AppleTV+'s WeCrashed Episode 7 - The Neumanns (Image via AppleTV+)
Still from AppleTV+'s WeCrashed Episode 7 - The Neumanns (Image via AppleTV+)

This week's episode of WeCrashed saw WeWork go public after several attempts made by Adam to keep it a private company.

The episode, The Power of We, was directed by Tinge Krishnan, and written by Eva Anderson and Eleanor Burgess. It revolved around Adam's big decision to take the We Company public and Miguel realizing his worth.

It's now time to dive in and dissect the seventh episode of the AppleTV+ series.

Note: This article contains spoilers and reflects the writer's opinions.

WeCrashed episode 7 review: Living in delusion


Things took a completely different turn in Episode 7 of WeCrashed when Adam decided to take WeWork public. The show took The Big Short angle and used The Prof. G Show’s Scott Galloway to talk about IPOs and did a good job of it.

The Power of We was all about Adam's acceptance and decision to take his beloved WeWork public. He got a much-needed reality check after getting rejected by giants like Google who did not want to invest in his company, ever since SoftBank pulled the plug. Meanwhile, Rebekah continued with her hippy school, not caring about what exactly was going on with WeWork.

The perks of going public

WeWork finally managed to file for an IPO, which sent banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley into overdrive as they fought to get WeWork. After listening to each pitch by these giants and learning about his company's worth, Adam decided to go with JP Morgan Chase, who bid for sixty-three billion.

Even though there's a lot to happen before WeWork became a public company, the upcoming fortune sent the core team into a frenzy, again highlighting the stupidity of wealth in the series. From Miguel buying a ridiculous piece of art to an employee contemplating buying a handbag worth more than her annual earnings, this episode of WeCrashed saw it all.

A rude awakening

Anne Hathaway delivered yet another sublime performance as Rebekah worked her way through an array of emotions as she struggled to forgive Adam for what he had said in the previous episode of WeCrashed. However, upon reuniting, the couple worked on the company's statement together, with yet another hippy approach.

At one point, Rebekah even stated that she thought of herself as the soul of the company, but in the end, Galloway took a dig at his blog to destroy WeWork. Viewers already know how it all ends with the series finale coming up next week. It's time to fasten our seatbelts when the delusional duo and their employees get a rude awakening while getting sucked into the scam.

Viewers can catch the latest episode of WeCrashed on AppleTV+. Previous episodes of the show are also available on the platform.

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