What did Andy Biggs say about BTS? United States rep slammed for snide remarks on K-Pop group's visit to the White House

Rep. Andy Biggs tweets about the group's US visit (Image via @repandybiggs/@labels.hybe/Instagram)
Rep. Andy Biggs tweets about the group's US visit (Image via @repandybiggs/@labels.hybe/Instagram)

K-pop global sensation BTS created ripples on the internet with the group's recent visit to the United States of America to meet President Joe Biden to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes and celebrate AANHPI Heritage month. While millions of netizens applauded the group members for their involvement in such a crucial address, some were dissatisfied and indirectly slammed the group.

In a recent tweet posted by representative Andy Biggs, many fans noticed that the politician passed a snide remark at the group’s recent visit to the White House and tweeted a disrespectful comment after the septet delivered an eye-opening and inspiring speech. Andy Biggs' post read:

"Wonder if they have any ideas on how to secure our border, lower inflation, lower gas prices, and get baby formula back on our shelves."
Wonder if they have any ideas on how to secure our border, lower inflation, lower gas prices, and get baby formula back on our shelves.

Upon seeing this shady remark made by representative Andy Biggs, many supporters and fans out-ratioed the politician and stated that the group did a tremendous job at the White House while also adding that the musicians did something impactful regarding anti-Asian hate crime, which many politicians could never think of doing.

@RepAndyBiggsAZ Sir, that is YOUR job. What are YOUR ideas?

"So, you want singers to do your job?", netizens out-ratio Rep. Andy Biggs for his snarky remark at BTS

American politician Andy Biggs has recently come under fire for tweeting about the world-famous K-pop boy group BTS. Andy Biggs is an American attorney and Conservative Republican representing Arizona’s fifth congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.

The politician is also known for sharing negative posts about the current government, as President Joe Biden is a Democrat.

On May 31, K-pop sensation BTS publicly spoke to reporters at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s press briefing. Immediately after their motivating speech, the group members met with President Joe Biden. In both official meetings, the septet discussed the importance of Asian inclusion and diversity, also speaking about the rising cases of anti-Asian hate crimes across the world.

The K-pop group has become the first and only Korean act to be invited to the White House. Other famous personalities such as Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson have received formal invites, but they were all Americans. However, even fewer artists have been invited to the famed Oval Office itself. BTS joins the ranks of Michael Jackson and U2’s Bono as the only three to be invited.

After the group delivered its speech at the press briefing, representative Andy Biggs took a dig at the K-pop boy group and targeted their members instead. He questioned whether the K-pop act had any ideas regarding additional present-day issues in the country.

As soon as netizens came across Biggs’ tweet, they out-ratioed him and called him out for his shady remarks. Netizens essentially pointed out that Andy Biggs was asking foreign personalities to solve the United States’ issues, all of which American politicians should be resolving rather than asking others to do so.

@RepAndyBiggsAZ so you want singers to do your job for you?
@RepAndyBiggsAZ It's not in their job description. They're already doing more than enough for their own country, their role in today's visit is to speak about their own struggles they're facing until now as Asians during the time working in US.
@RepAndyBiggsAZ it's YOUR job. Not THEIR. if you are so serious then do it on your own? They are musicians and doing this much what you politicians also never thought. If they start doing your job then politicians like you will be gone. So you should be thankful they are musicians..
@RepAndyBiggsAZ Sir I need to tell you that US is not the centre of the world and people from different countries dont care about your inflation or your gas prices, sorry
@RepAndyBiggsAZ the crazy thing is, andy, YOURE the elected official that is supposed to actually fix these things for us and arent. the picture you tweeted contains 7 musical artists that have faced racism here as well and have been given the platform to speak specifically on that in AAPI month
@RepAndyBiggsAZ Look at you proudly announcing you suck at your job so badly you're looking for musicians from another country to solve what you can't.No shame whatsoever...
@RepAndyBiggsAZ They came as asian representatives there, Sir. And they're NOT politicians to talk about that matter in the first place, they're musicians and youth advocates. I suppose that's your job, as expert in that field and a POLITICIAN. Please let us know your ideas.

In addition, BTS visited the White House to speak specifically on topics that affected not only them as Asians who frequently travel to the US for work, but also for others who have experienced heavy discrimination in America since COVID-19. The group did their best as they stood in solidarity with others and used their influence and platform for a positive impact.

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