BTS meet US President Joe Biden to mark end of AANHPI Heritage month 

The group paid a visit to the White House (Image via BigHit)
The group paid a visit to the White House (Image via BigHit)

No stranger to standing up for what is right, K-Pop global sensation BTS made headlines once again after the group traveled to the USA to meet American President Joe Biden at the White House. The group was in attendance to raise awareness about the increasing flurry of anti-Asian hate crimes, both in the States and beyond.

Apart from that, the group also discussed issues of representation of Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander or AANHPI communities in the media.

BTS met the POTUS Joe Biden in celebration of Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The event took place on May 31, 2022, and was live broadcast via the White House's official YouTube channel. Millions of ARMY from across the globe tuned in to witness this historic event, in celebration of Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

BTS members eloquently put forward their concerns and suggestions for a better future, earning praise from the POTUS himself.

The 35-minute long meeting was started off by President Biden, who while addressing the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, said,

“Hate only hides. When good people talk about it and say how bad it is, it goes down.”

He continued with a compliment for BTS, who have long been global ambassadors and youth icons.

“People care a lot about what you say, and what you are doing is good for all people, It’s not just your good talent. It’s the message you are communicating. It matters.”

The talented septet, with group leader RM as spokesperson, responded to this by appreciating the President's proactiveness in addressing the issues at hand.

“We want to say thank you, sincerely, for your decision such as signing the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act into law. So we just want to be a little help and we truly appreciate the White House and government’s (efforts) trying to find solutions.”

President Biden concluded the meeting by giving BTS members commemorative coins, marking the meeting.

The group addressed the White House press ahead of the meeting

Ahead of the group's interaction with the President, BTS also paid a visit to the White House Press Briefing Room. Addressing almost 100 journalists from across America, the members made their remarks about AANHPI Heritage Month.

They were introduced by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who said,

“I’m excited to welcome some special guests to the briefing room today, pop phenoms BTS.”

She highlighted their role as “youth ambassadors promoting a message of respect and positivity.”


The floor was then opened to the members, starting with RM. The group leader spoke about what an honour it was to be there. BTS happens to be the first South Korean artists to have been invited to the White House.

RM said,

“It is a great honor to be invited to the White House today to discuss important issues of anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion and diversity.”
BTS at the press briefing (Image via White House)
BTS at the press briefing (Image via White House)

He was followed by Jin, who stated the reason behind the meeting,

“Today is the last day of AANHPI Heritage Month. We joined the White House to stand with the AANHPI community and to celebrate.”

Jimin continued by remarking upon the surge in anti-Asian crimes.

“We were devastated by the recent surge of hate crimes including anti-Asian hate crimes. To put a stop on this and support the cause, we’d like to take this opportunity to voice ourselves once again.”

Other members also chimed in, with J-Hope thanking ARMY, Jungkook commenting upon the reach of South Korean music and Suga pointing out the need to embrace differences.

Taehyung aka V was the penultimate member to address the crowd, saying,

“Everyone has his or her own history. We hope today is one step forward to respecting and understanding each and every one as a valuable person.”

The press briefing was wrapped up by RM, who thanked the President and the White House for the opportunity

“Lastly, we thank President Biden and the White House for giving us this important opportunity to speak about the important causes and remind ourselves of what we can do as artists. Thank you very much.”

This is not the first time the group has spoken up against Asian hate. They had earlier expressed concern about the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes in 2021.

They have also been the frontrunners of the 'LOVE YOURSELF' campaign, alongside UNICEF.

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