What did Anthonie Ruinard do? Suspect arrested in death of missing Nebraska teen found dismembered in Arizona pit

Anthonie Ruinard Jr. (left) has been arrested in connection to Parker League
Anthonie Ruinard Jr. (left) was arrested in connection to Parker League's (right) death. (Images via Ashley Paredez and @901Lulu/Twitter)

37-year-old Anthonie Ruinard Jr. was arrested on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, in connection to the mysterious death of Parker League. Dismembered remains of Parker were discovered in a fire pit in the Tonto National Park on June 12, 2023. The 18-year-old was reported missing by his father on June 15 after he failed to return to Nebraska from Arizona. Parker was expected to board a flight to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport on June 9, 2023.

After a preliminary investigation, cops arrested Anthonie Ruinard and charged him with first-degree murder for allegedly killing and dismembering the teen. The same has also been confirmed by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Court documents stated that authorities used dental records to confirm that the remains belonged to Parker. Officers additionally stated that the victim was stabbed to death and had several stab wounds in the back.


Authorities arrested Anthonie Ruinard Jr. for allegedly murdering Gretna teen Parker League

For the unversed, dismembered remains of Parker League were found in the Tonto National Park on June 12. On June 15, the victim's father reported him missing. According to Parker's older brother, Hunter League, he went to Tempe for a meet-up with his friends.

When cops began an investigation into the case, nearby residents claimed that they had witnessed suspicious activities in the area where the teen's remains were discovered.

The investigation led officials to 37-year-old Anthonie Ruinard, who was taken into custody by MCSO's Fugitive Apprehension Tactical Enforcement Unit (FATE) and was charged with first-degree murder. According to court documents, an unidentified sharp item was used to fatally stab the teen. His head and hands were then dismembered and placed near his legs.

Law enforcement officials obtained a search warrant for Ruinard's house and reportedly discovered forensic evidence from his car that matched the teen's DNA. Upon searching Anthonie Ruinard's residence, cops noticed that a 10' x 15' section of the carpet placed on the bedroom floor was missing. According to the suspect and his wife, the section of the carpet was cut after they decided to build an additional room in the bedroom.

Anthonie Ruinard Jr. mentioned that he met Parker League at Circle K and bought bank cards from him. Authorities further believed that Ruinard was possibly linked to Parker's death after he was seen using Parker's bank card even after he died.

Authorities discovered that the suspect had used the victim's bank card even after he died

Police discovered that the victim's bank card was used in several locations. They further recovered surveillance footage from those areas. Footage obtained from a Chandler gas station on June 6, 2023, captured Parker and Anthonie Ruinard leaving the store in a black 2019 Dodge Challenger. Cops also found out that the gas station was a few miles away from Ruinard's residence.

Authorities have, however, not confirmed if the victim was with the suspect willingly. According to court documents, surveillance footage also captured the victim with Anthonie Ruinard on June 11, after they arrived at a nightclub in Phoenix. They were later seen exiting the place together at around 3:45 am local time. The footage captured a 2022 Tesla Model X along with the black 2019 Dodge Challenger, and both vehicles were registered in Anthonie's name.

During the investigation, cops found a huge blood stain in the trunk of the Challenger, and on the car's rear bumper.

Ruinard was also accused of possessing cocaine worth around $27,000 weighing about two pounds.

Apart from first-degree murder, he faces other charges including two counts of narcotic drug possession for sale, one count of drug possession of equipment for manufacturing, one count of narcotic drug manufacture, two counts of possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, one count of theft of a credit card, one count of fraudulent use of a credit card, and one count of abandonment/concealing dead body or parts, as per Law&Crime.

Despite thorough investigation, authorities are yet to discover the location of the Gretna teen's death. They have also not determined the motive behind the alleged murder.

After digging into Ruinard's background cops discovered that had been convicted of armed robbery back in 2006, along with misconduct involving theft and weapons in 2008. The same was confirmed in Maricopa County's court records.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 14, 2023, and a bond of $2 million has been set in his case.

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