What is the Balletcore trend? 5 best dresses to fit into the trend 

5 best dresses to fit into balletcore  trend
5 best dresses to fit into balletcore trend ( image via sportskeeda)

When someone mentions balletcore fashion, images of a tulle skirt in soft pastel, a pair of pointe shoes holding the arch feet, a lacy leg warmer, grace-full dance moves acquired from disciplines, and exaggerated feminity come to mind.

The satine lightweight skirts or skin-fit leggings were adopted for those female dancers who faced difficulties in regular heavy dresses. Since its inception in the 18th century, ballet dresses have had multiple comebacks for different reasons.

Numerous designers and stylists projected the revival of the ballet core fashion trend in 2023 due to its simple approaches and improved comfort. With some Tiktok creators like @madisonood posting transitional videos with ballet flats, #balletcore gained exceptional reach.

5 perfect outfits that fit into the balletcore trend

The trend in 2023 does not define this trend as the combination of a lacy corset, leg warmer, or a tulle skirt in a soft pastel, rather it adopts the essence of ballet and blends it with modern fashion.

Jordon Stolch, a professional personal styling advisor quoted in Instyle,

"All about embracing the dreamy, ethereal aesthetic of the dance world while striking the perfect balance between elegance and ease.”

Not just a few Tiktokers, but the global style icons like Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner showing up in ballet flats fuels the trend. Check out the list of dresses that fit well into this trend.

1) Wrap dresses

Many celebrities can be spotted these days walking down the street or attending a casual function dressed in a wrap dress. This wrap dress ignites the flames of this trend with its floral silhouette and cozy fabric that has been amplified with added feminity.

Not only the wrap dresses but the cardigans or crop tops in wrapping style can flaunt this feminine fashion trend. Whether it is in soft pastels like pale pink or beige or printed in floral patterns, designers keep on their trials from balletcore adoption.

Lately, Natalie Portman was spotted in a floral wrap dress from Claudie Pierlot in the French Open. Paired the dress with a straw bucket hat from Dior and an open-toe espadrilles platform, she tinted her lips in nude pink.

2) Tulle Skirt

A ballerina set is incomplete without a sheer fabric silhouette tulle skirt. However, pink or white short tulle got several reworks and came up in new forms and colors. Whether it is a runway or the wardrobe of a fashion enthusiast, a tulle skirt is ubiquitous. Styling it with a Barbie pink crop top or layering an oversized blazer, tulle prefers additional materials.

The Gen Z singer, Olivia Rodrigo appeared on stage wearing a tulle skirt in a soft pastel shade with knitted hand gloves in 2022, which predicts the upcoming balletcore fashion.

Not only Olivia, but Bella Hadid's Maybelline NY campaign wore a long tulle skirt in a light azure shade and paired it with an oversized blazer. Adding a high heel and leggings with tulle can be a great balletcore style.

3) A Bodysuit

A bodysuit is a very basic piece that can be worn with anything. However, in this feminine fashion, the bodysuit plays a significant role.This piece is essential for adopting ballet fashion.

In the traditional ballerina dresses, tulle skirts were layered over bodysuits, and keeping the essence of ballet, one can add the lower with the bodysuit. Recently, Hailey Bieber was spotted with a cutout body suit in a soft pastel shade and she tied a pink cardigan around her waist.

4)Slip Dresses

A slip dress in satin fabric seems basic but can be styled to create a different look. This narrow-shaped straight dress in lightweight fabric has been a staple in every fashion niche and balletcore is no exception. Sierra Miller shares her fascination with slip dresses where she styled them adding different accessories. The boho slip dress with sparkling embellishments in a pastel shade draped the balletcore.

Even Kim Jones, in his couture collection, shared some slip dresses adding sequin fabric. It can be layered with slouchy jackets and adding light jewelry.

5) Corset dresses

Corset has had several historical significance in women's wardrobes since the Victorian age. This rigid piece of cloth used to be worn to make an illusion of the perfect body shape. Using underwear, these body-hugging corsets became evil for the female body while dropping it for the long term.

However, since 2012 corsets got huge exposure in Paris Hilton or Sarah Hyland. The trend of this feminine fashion consists of corsets is also shown in Kim Kardashian or Beyonce. Often they pair a corset top with denim or drape them as the catsuit. Using soft pastel shades and adding a midi skirt, one can slay in the balletcore trend.

Contrasting the bold fashion, using pastels with laces, this feminine fashion becomes a long-term member of the female wardrobe. With the touches of retro clothing on the modern canvas, these five dresses indeed stroke up the balletcore fashion.

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