What is H&M's Cherish Waste collection about? Price, where to buy and more

H&M Cherish Waste collection is now available for purchase (Image via H&M)
H&M Cherish Waste collection is now available for purchase (Image via H&M)

H&M unveiled its new fashion range. Labeled as "Cherish Waste," the fashion label’s latest launch aims to battle waste in a stylish and sustainable way through a ready-to-wear collection and an interactive exhibition.

If you want to spice up your wardrobe this season, H&M's new collection, which starts at $17.99 and goes up to $249, is a great place to start. The Cherish Waste range is easily accessible via the e-commerce website of H&M.

H&M’s Cherish Waste is a sustainable everyday wear collection

H&M's creative team has designed a "vivid and passionate" assortment for the release that combines technical advances with a wide range of materials and ecologically conscious processes. What better approach to cherish waste than to appreciate these vibrant patterns and distinctive pieces?

The repurposed materials are designed into oversized t-shirts, heart-detail briefs, printed pants, knit mini dresses, tulle puff dresses, patterned shirts, silk shirts, slip dresses, evening dresses, mesh dresses, animal print coats, lace tops, loose-fitting jeans, crop cardigans, satin shorts, comfy outsized jerseys, denim joggers, meshed brassieres and chic bodysuits.

Accessories launched under this collection include sunglasses with storage pouches, rhinestone embellished pumps, studded mules, heart-shaped bags, earrings, broad cuff bracelets, and pendant necklaces.

RENU® recycled polyester is fashioned in the form of a tulle puff dress, while Naia™ Renew fabric shows up in a flame-print outfit.

Although the collection is predominantly for women, several gender-neutral items, such as the noted flame-print set, denim-print joggers, and spiky cropped cardigan, can be mixed and combined.

A wide assortment of designs and colors are included in the list. From hearts to animal prints and from color-blocked to meshed dresses, all make up this collection.

This is what the concept designer of the brand, Ella Soccorsi, said about the new lineup:

“The design team was talking about who we become when we fall in love – and how our clothes become part of the love story. So we created a collection about love and its many guises: romantic, tough, passionate, nonbinary and platonic. We are passionate about circularity, so most pieces have labels inside to encourage customers to write their names and a message when it is time to pass them on.”

H&M organized an exclusive VIP opening party to celebrate the debut of its Cherish Waste lineup. The star-studded party was attended by Canadian model Winnie Harlow, Euphoria's Barbie Feirrera, American model Ella Emhoff, Evan Mock, Ritchie Shazam, and others.

The Cherish Waste exposition is now accessible to the public at Studio 525 (525 West 24th Street) in New York City. All the visitors are requested to contribute clothing in lieu of an admittance ticket for the exhibition, according to H&M.

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