What happened to Andrew Dawson? TikToker disappears after spotting "giant person" on mountain

The Andrew Dawson conspiracy (image via TikTok/ @andykapt)
The Andrew Dawson conspiracy (image via TikTok/ @andykapt)

TikTok users are concerned about TikToker Andrew Dawson, who posted eerie conspiracy videos on his page, after he stopped sharing posts on the video-sharing platform.

Dawson, who uses the handle @andykapt first went viral on April 9, 2022, when he shared a clip of what seemed like a giant person in the mountains. However, he has not posted anything on the video-sharing platform since May 17, 2022, leaving many internet users questioning what happened to the man. Here is the last clip uploaded by Andrew on this TikTok:

Andrew Dawson's "Giant Person" video, subsequent consequences, and contradicting updates

Andrew joined TikTok sometime in June 2021 and shared generic content like his drinking habits, jokes, dancing, and relationship issues.

On April 10, 2022, Andrew Dawson uploaded a video on TikTok with the caption, "Its a Giant." The video allegedly showed a giant person standing on top of a showy mountain somewhere in Canada.

While the video is shaky and zooms in showing the "giant," the figure is quite far away, so it could be anything. Someone in the video can be heard questioning Dawson about what he is seeing, to which he replies, "It's a person dude... no seriously, pull over. It's a person standing there."

The post soon went viral with almost 4 million views. Over the next few days, he tried to film the "giant" creature but was unsuccessful as it "moved" and wasn't there anymore. Andrew Dawson spoke to the locals who explained that the thing comes and goes.

Strange things started happening to him from then on as he tried to film the creature again. On April 12, 2022, he shared an update stating that he was allegedly stopped by a CIA agent who stated that Dawson was "trespassing" and blocked the road despite it being a public area.

The next day, he shared an alleged clip of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) followed by what he called a "heli(copter) extraction" in the same area. The same night, he shared another video of him being stopped by a black car which he stated belonged to the CIA.

On April 16, 2022, Andrew Dawson shared a video of a suspicious black vehicle outside his home (similar to the one that stopped him previously). However, when Dawson went outside the house, the car was seen speeding away.

The TikToker did not share any posts until May 6, when he shared an "official update." In this, he addressed his viewers and told them that he hadn't updated them as he got busy with life, and hadn't disappeared or died.

He added:

"Sorry to disappoint you guys, but all of the videos that I post... All the videos that I posted were scripted or just fake, they were scripted for entertainment."

What caught everyone's attention was ten days later when Andrew shared a short clip in a dark room with the caption "I am Scared." In the video, he contradicted his earlier statement, saying his videos were not fake and that fans might not see him post "ever again."

Andrew Dawson shared one last update the next day on May 17, 2022 which featured what looked like the same snow-covered mountain with a structure on top. The TikToker claimed that the structure hadn't been there the day prior.

Andrew has since not shared any videos or updates on his account, leaving many wondering about his safety. It is to be noted that none of the cryptic videos have been verified yet this has not stopped netizens from speculating.


There was news that Andrew passed away on July 1, 2022, after an obituary surfaced in a local paper, Campbell River Mirror.

Many also believe that this was all just an elaborate prank and that death was just a coincidence.

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