What happened to Bob Odenkirk on the sets of Better Call Saul Season 6? Cast was "traumatized" by health scare

Bob Odenkirk opens up about health care (Image via BBC)
Bob Odenkirk opens up about health care (Image via BBC)
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Bob Odenkirk reportedly suffered a health scare on the set of Better Call Saul, and the cast and crew were greatly impacted by the tragic incident.

At the Breaking Bad spinoff's Season 6 premiere event, the star of the show, Odenkirk, 59, told sources that when he returned to filming again last year, he noticed that his coworkers still had memories of reviving him and coming to his aid when he suffered a heart attack.

Bob Odenkirk suffered "a small heart attack" last July while filming an episode for the sixth season of Better Call Saul in New Mexico. When the incident occurred, he was rushed to a local hospital, and his representative later confirmed that Odenkirk was in stable condition.

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The actor was able to recover from the heart attack and eventually returned to work to finish the rest of the show. At Thursday's premiere, the star recalled the incident and said:

"I would say that the cast and crew were more traumatized than me, because I have a blank space where I had this heart attack. I don't remember the day it happened or the next week and a half. They all were standing right there. And they watched me go down, and they watched them use the defibrillator three times on me, and they watched the professionals around look at each other and say he's not coming back."

Odenkirk is thankful to his co-stars for their assistance and support during the difficult times he went through and the trauma they shared when they saw their co-star suffer right before their eyes.

Since his heart attack last summer, the Better Call Saul star has been vocal about how the health scare changed his life. He said in an interview:

"The epiphany was simply that my life is pretty damn great, and I should appreciate it and the people around me. I think people do have epiphanies when they have a near-death experience, and oftentimes, it's 'I have to change something.' And I think my epiphany is I have to appreciate what I have, because it's really great and I have really great people around me."

When will Bob Odenkirk's Better Call Saul air its last season?

The 13 episode season will be split into two parts. Eps 1+2 will arrive on 19 April, with the next 5 episodes airing weekly. After a break, the final run of 6 episodes will begin on 12 July.

The final season of Better Call Saul will conclude the complicated journey and transformation of its hero, Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a well-to-do lawyer, into a criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. The series charts the complex relations between the characters while focussing on the story of its compromised hero, Saul.

Season 6 premieres with two episodes on April 18, 2022, at 9 pm (ET) on AMC and AMC+. The season will be split into two parts. Episodes 1 and 2 will drop this April 18, 2022, and the next 5 episodes will be aired weekly. The last 6 episodes will begin again on July 11, 2022.

The series will be made available on Netflix for a global audience at a later date.

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