What did Katy Perry say about Billie Eilish? Singer trolled over turning down 'just a blonde girl'

Katy Perry spills beans about declining to work with Billie Eilish (Image via Instagram/katyperry & billieeilish)
Katy Perry spills beans about declining to work with Billie Eilish (Image via Instagram/@katyperry, @billieeilish)

A recent TikTok clip posted by radio station 102.7 KIIS FM revealed Katy Perry once turned down an opportunity to work with Billie Eilish.

The 23-second video, which appears to be shot at a private gathering in Los Angeles, features the Small Talk singer, who is seen recounting the one time she had the opportunity to collaborate with the Ocean Eyes artist apparently. While opening up about the incident, Perry expressed her regrets about not going through with the supposed collaboration.

#katyperry talks about the time she missed out on the opportunity to work with #billieeilish 👀😱 #oceaneyes [🎥: @1027KIISFM]

Katy Perry can be seen saying in the TikTok video:

"She sent me an email one time that was, 'Hey, check out this new artist. I'd really like us to work with her' -- because she was working with me for Unsub (Records). It was a song called 'Ocean Eyes' and it was just a blonde girl, and I was like, 'Meh. Boring,'"

The 38-year-old artist further added:

"Big mistake. Huge mistake."

While it is clear that Perry addressed the then-not-so-popular Billie Eilish as "just a blonde girl," it is uncertain who the "she" was in the California Gurls singer's story.

"Billie has a Grammy and Katy still doesn't": Twitterati poke fun at Katy Perry for declining to work with Billie Eilish initially

The video barely made its way to the internet and several Twitter users, including many Eilish stans, were quick enough to troll the American Idol judge. The consensus among them revealed that it turned out to be more than satisfactory for Eilish as Ocean Guys gained much public traction for her.

A user even trolled Katy Perry for being unable to win a Grammy, unlike Eilish, who has got seven up until now. Check out some of these reactions from Twitter:

. @katyperry didn’t want to work with @billieeilish on ‘ocean eyes’ cuz she found it boring and Billie was ‘just a blonde girl’ then. Funny how this song became a worldwide phenomenon and Katy regret her decision to this day. Also Billie has a Grammy and Katy still doesn’t

someone tell katy perry no one cares that she refused to work with billie
@PopCrave Billie meanwhile: „Who is Katy Perry?“
@PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish i’m thankful she didn’t touch it 🙏
@PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish y'all are lying on your tweets for clicks.... it wasn't a collab. it was to sign billie to katy's label
@PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish I’m so glad she didn’t 😂
Ocean Eyes is literally one of my favorite Billie Eilish songs. Katy Perry wasn’t needed on it…
@PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish Oh my god, she would have ruined everything lol
@PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish The last time I heard of Katy Perry was in 2015
@PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish No shade to her but I feel like she would’ve diluted the song rather than add to it in a beneficial way, so wouldn’t necessarily call it a mistake
@eilishchart @katyperry @billieeilish Katy can’t even sell 60k what a flop
@PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish The song is perfect the way it is
@luvyoulikemango I don't see how Katy Perry and Billie Eilish would have a successful collab tho. They're on different wavelengths.
@PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish awww sorry you couldn’t use billie to revive your flop career katy
@hijackya @PopBase @katyperry @billieeilish Notice how both Billie and Gaga’s careers are still flourishing while Katy Perry’s career is at a standstill? Never turn down an opportunity to work with artists.

For those unaware, Ocean Eyes, the 2015 Billie Eilish song that Katy Perry was talking about, was released on SoundCloud as the former's debut song, which was also a part of her debut EP, Don't Smile at Me (2017). Ocean Eyes was both a commercial and critical success, featuring on the US Billboard Hot 100 at 84 on its debut.

Eilish later became a household name after the song and went on to bag five Grammys in 2020, including one in the 'Best New Artist' category. She won her next two Grammys in 2021 while also getting an Academy Award (Oscar) for No Time to Die in the 'Best Original Song' category the same year.

As of 2023, the Bad Guy artist has once again been nominated for Grammys in two categories -- 'Best Song Written for Visual Media' and 'Best Music Film.' The winners will be announced on February 5, at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

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