What is the life expectancy of a lupus patient? Selena Gomez addresses shaky hands in new video

Since when does Selena Gomez have lupus? More details about the health condition revealed. (Image via Selena Gomez/ Instagram)
Since when does Selena Gomez have lupus? More details about the health condition revealed. (Image via Selena Gomez/ Instagram)

After recent comments on Selena Gomez’s makeup video, where netizens were concerned about her constantly shaking hands, the singer has finally addressed the issue and revealed her health condition. Writing in the comments, she said:

“Lol I shake because of my medication for lupus.”

All of this came after Selena uploaded a video in January 2023, where she was seen doing her makeup and skincare. Many fans commented on how Selena's hands were shaky and unsteady in the now-deleted video. At the same time, many others also commented on her weight gain and how she looked unrecognizable in her video.

In Selena’s 2022 documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, the Only Murders in the Building star was diagnosed with lupus in 2014, and the health condition generally causes a lot of inflammation in the body, including the organs. Furthermore, the singer also had a kidney transplant back in 2017 due to the condition. At the time, she said:

"In the morning when I wake up, I immediately start crying because it just hurts, like, everything.”

Additionally, when it comes to lupus, 80–90% of those who have the disease can expect to live a normal life span, according to WebMD. However, there can be some rare cases where people die from this disease, as in this condition, this autoimmune disease tends to affect the body’s organs and tissues.

At the same time, Selena has previously spoken about health concerns. She spoke openly about her bipolar disorder in addition to her lupus.

Is lupus curable? Details about Selena Gomez’s health conditions were explored after the singer revealed her autoimmune disease

Selena Gomez has been super vocal about her health conditions and has often addressed them. From talking about her bipolar disorder to her friend and actress Francia Raisa donating Selena a kidney, the singer has repeatedly opened up about her issues. Speaking to Rolling Stone in 2022, Selena Gomez said:

"I'm going to be very open with everybody about this: I've been to four treatment centres. I think when I started hitting my early twenties is when it started to get really dark when I started to feel like I was not in control of what I was feeling, whether that was really great or really bad."

However, after discovering her condition, she immediately started undergoing treatment for lupus, which has now made it manageable for her to cope with her problem. At the same time, talking about whether lupus is curable or not, as per WebMD, the disease currently has no cures available, but there is constant research going on for the same.

While most people can expect a normal life span, others who have a complicated case might die due to kidney damage, heart damage, or some infection. In addition, doctors advise that patients who receive an early diagnosis of their problem are more likely to manage their disease in a timely manner.


Furthermore, Selena Gomez has also previously revealed that the pain in her body is so unbearable that the singer starts crying in the morning as soon as she gets up. Furthermore, she has also been vocal about how her medication keeps her pain-free during the day. However, the effect only lasts for four to five hours.

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