What is neo sculpting? Milena Ciciotti drama explained as YouTuber faces backlash over latest video

Lifestyle YouTuber Milena Ciciotti addresses neo sculpting accusations (Image via milenaciciotti/Instagram)
Lifestyle YouTuber Milena Ciciotti addresses neo sculpting accusations (Image via milenaciciotti/Instagram)

Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Milena Ciciotti has released a new video on her channel titled "The Lord is Doing Something." She addressed the recent accusations about her lying about her neo-sculpting experience. The influencer highlighted several verses from the bible while addressing the recent drama.

She had preached in her videos and podcasts that one should love their natural bodies given by God. However, a Reddit user caught her red-handed, accusing her of getting neo sculpting treatments done along with botox fillers.

Many began slamming her content online, leading to immense hate.

What did Milena Ciciotti get done?

Reddit user Lepihi6 uploaded a screenshot of a comment that showed the YouTuber being inconsistent with her advice. The netizen highlighted how she did not reveal the treatment in her body transformation videos.

Milena Ciciotti has been accused of getting a neo-sculpting treatment done while advising against it. In the procedure above, the fat present in the body gets eliminated, along with a person building more muscle mass at the same time.

According to Cosmetic Skin Clinic, the treatment uses a mix of electromagnetic energy along with radiofrequency energy. The treatment burns through fat using heat energy.

Besides being a highly transformational treatment, neo sculpting is a non-surgical procedure cleared by the FDA.

Milena Ciciotti recently uploaded her response to the accusations. She said:

“There are times when I try to separate Milena in real life from Milena on YouTube, and I want to live freely as Milena and to be able to do my own things in my own world and not have the accountability that comes with such a large platform and having such a large audience.”

She added that she did not feel the need to address the treatments she had gotten done because the Lord had not called her to talk about it yet. She stated:

“I will talk about things when I feel the Lord is leading me to talk about it. I have learned far long ago that if I just do something because I am being coerced or bullied into talking about something, there is nothing fruitful that comes out of it.”

She addresses the drama from 14:05 in the video below:


Milena reiterated in the video that she would not address the treatments she has gotten done until she receives a calling from the Lord. Ciciotti stated that she serves and fears God alone and will honor him first before letting others overpower her faith.

The 25-year-old is expecting her third child soon. She married Jordan Ciciotti in 2017. The couple gave birth to Alethea Valentina in 2019, and their second child Ariel was born in 2020.

Milena Ciciotti has often shared the workout routine she follows during her pregnancy on her YouTube channel.

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