What did Owl City’s Adam Young say about Taylor Swift’s 'Enchanted'? Exploring the meaning behind viral TikTok song  

Taylor Swift's 'Enchanted' goes viral on TikTok (Image via Instagram/owlcityofficial and taylorswift)
Taylor Swift's 'Enchanted' goes viral on TikTok (Image via Instagram/owlcityofficial and taylorswift)

As TikTok continues to make old hits go viral online, the latest song to catch the attention of many is Taylor Swift’s Enchanted. Though the song has only gained traction on the video sharing platform recently, Swift’s older fans are well aware of the popularity of the song.

Many TikTokers have jumped on the bandwagon, using Enchanted in several of their videos, and many social media users are now wondering who the song was written about.

Taylor Swift’s loyal fanbase has noticed that her songs have several layers beneath the surface. Most of her songs are dedicated to specific people who have had an impact in her life. Whether it be a love interest, someone who helped her in achieving pop-star status, or a casual acquaintance.


Reports now reveal that the famous song is about Owl City’s lead singer Adam Young.

“My jaw hit the floor”: Adam Young responds to Taylor Swift’s 'Enchanted' in an open letter

The song, which covers themes of love and yearning, is from Swift's album Speak Now which she released in 2010.

Owl City’s Adam Young had taken to his Tumblr page to write an open letter to Swift. Talking about the lyrics of the song, he wrote to Swift:

“I couldn’t put my finger on it. Why did the song feel so personal? Why was it ringing a bell? Perhaps it was merely the word “wonderstruck” that indeed struck a sweet chord. And then it hit me like a freight train. I didn’t even need to find that last letter ‘M’. A colourful swirl of memories flashed before my eyes as it all added up. My jaw hit the floor.”

He continued:

“It’s no secret that I’m a bit shy, so naturally music was the most articulate way of attempting such a sincere endeavour. How does one respond to such a personal outpouring of emotion and sentiment? I tossed and turned over that one.”

In earlier interviews, Taylor Swift had mentioned that the song was about an encounter she had with a man she had a crush on. She had said in a PopBuzz interview:

“I wrote 'Enchanted' about a guy who I was enchanted to meet, obviously. He was somebody that I had talked to a couple of times on email, and then I was in New York and went to meet him. I remember just the whole way home thinking, ‘I hope he’s not in love with somebody.'”

The singer also stated that she had used the word "wonderstruck" in the lyrics, as the man (who is now revealed to be Young) had used it in an e-mail.

Internet reacts to 'Enchanted' going viral online

Taylor Swift fans have now flooded social media joyously celebrating the song going viral online. A few tweets read:

i'm so glad taylor swift's "enchanted" is blowing up on tiktok right now because that song simply defines every crush a person will have in their entire lives. "please don't be in love with someone else"?? iconic. immaculate. other songs could never
locals on tiktok discovering enchanted is a taylor swift song and not a song from an indie singer made me realize that there are people who hasn't listened to the entirety of speak now 😩
📈 |‘enchanted’ had its biggest day in video gains on Tiktok, gaining over 4,000 new videos yesterday (6/11).— The song is currently trending on TikTok!
my 2010 swiftie ass to everyone calling enchanted a tiktok song:
I forgot this song existed, tiktok reminded me how I used to sing enchanted when I was 9 😭…
Enchanted is trending on tiktok right now and finally getting the recognition it deserves to have since 2010. It's no longer a secret swiftie anthem anymore which is kind of happy and sad at the same time since we knew how special this song to us for years.
nvm STOP the enchanted trend on tiktok i’m feeling personally attacked
happy for 14 year olds on tiktok discovering enchanted but there’s something about dancing around your childhood bedroom to enchanted on your radio cd player in 2010 that they’ll simply never get🙏

One may assume that Taylor Swift and Adam Young would have dated previously. However, it was nothing more than an exchange of e-mails and occasional meetings. Speaking of his encounter with Swift, Young said in an interview with Rappler:

“I met Taylor in New York... 2009 or 2010, and she came to a show of mine back then. I got to meet her and I was a little bit starstruck.”

He had also shared that he was “honored” that she wrote a song about him.

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