What were the Spice Girls Quiz questions in The Circle? Mel B and Emma Bunton’s reactions from Netflix show revisited

Mel B and Emma Bunton join as The Circle contestants with a catfish profile (Image via Instagram/officialmelb,emmaleebunton)
Mel B and Emma Bunton join as The Circle contestants with a catfish profile (Image via Instagram/officialmelb,emmaleebunton)

Netflix's The Circle is back with another interesting season and the drama only gets spicier. With many twists, turns and surprises in every episode, there's always something exciting in store for viewers. Hosted by actress and writer Michelle Buteau, this season of the reality TV competition premiered on May 4, 2022 with four episodes of intense drama.

Season 4 of The Circle has upped its game as compared to previous seasons. The show introduced nine contestants who will either participate in the social media competition as themselves or as a deceiving member aka a catfish. We will know who becomes the winner after just a few more episodes.

Spice Girls duo Mel B and Emma's questions for players on The Circle

The highlight of The Circle Season 4 was when the season kicked off with a big twist. Members of the popular girl group Spice Girls, Emma Bunton and Melanie “Mel B” Brown, joined the reality competition with a catfish profile named Jared.

The duo revealed their presence on the show, shocking the contestants who had to then find out which one of the profiles the duo was associated with. The players opened a group chat where everyone excitedly exclaimed about being fans of the Spice Girls. Frank and Crissa struggle between Carol and Jared, but Nathan (Alex Brizard) sends an invitation for a private chat with Jared as he is confident that it is not the girl group's profile.


Next up, the contestants' knowledge of the Spice Girls was put to the test with a quiz. Check out all the questions below.

  1. Who said after meeting the Spice Girls: "These are my heroes..One of the greatest moments of my life?"
  2. Which Spice Girl patted Prince Charles' b*tt at this event?
  3. What is the best selling Spice Girls song of all time?
  4. What did the Spice Girls perform on top of during the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony?
  5. What was the name of the movie released by the Spice Girls in 1997?
  6. Which music video features stop motion animation of the Spice Girls as fairies?

Out of all the contestants on The Circle including the Spice Girls, only Nathan got his answer correct. He was asked about the best-selling song and the answer was obvious considering that the cast had danced to it the previous night, Wannabe.


The Spice Girls were asked the answer to the fifth question. The duo purposely gave the wrong answer to not make their identity obvious. According to their catfish profile, Jared didn't know much about the girl group. Whatever little knowledge he had was due to his sister.

While everyone expected Rachel to answer the final question correctly considering she was a big Spice Girls fan, the contestant genuinely didn't know the answer. Her wrong answer left the rest of them confused about her real identity.

Episode 4 of The Circle ended with most of the cast members putting in their guess for who they thought would be the Spice Girls. Bru voted for Rachel, Alyssa for Jared, Carol for Nathan, Nathan for Rachel, Crissa for Carol and Frank for Jared. With only two more votes left, will Mel B and Emma fulfill their mission of increasing the prize fund to $150,000?

The Circle episodes 5 through 8 will be released next Wednesday, May 11, 2022 on Netflix.

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