Netflix's The Circle Season 4 contestant list: 9 names and Instagram handles revealed

John Franklin, Alyssa Ljubicich and Josh Brubaker (Images via _johnfranklin_, alyssaljub, bruontheradio/Instagram)
John Franklin, Alyssa Ljubicich and Josh Brubaker (Images via _johnfranklin_, alyssaljub, bruontheradio/Instagram)

The Circle is back and we are more than ready to find the cast for this season. Season 4 of The Circle, which airs on May 4 on Netflix, will have 9 contestants playing the game of catfishing.

The Circle will feature contestants competing in the social media world to gain the highest rank and likeability among other members, who they will not meet in person until the finale. Players will be allowed to send texts and photos to each other.

New contestants will be joining the show for 2/3rd of the season after one contestant gets eliminated (blocked) for being the lowest ranked.

Meet the cast of The Circle Season 4

This season on The Circle, there are 4 catfishers and 5 original accounts. Players, who can be blocked anytime for any duration of time, will compete for a prize money of $150,000.

Alyssa Ljubicich

Alyssa Ljubicich is a relationship coach, currently in a partnership with Sexual Health Alliance. The 27-year-old New York resident describes herself as "an assistant to a s*x coach." She will play herself in the game. In her introductory video, she seems confident and proudly says,

"I love helping people have amazing s*x."

Josh Brubaker

Josh Brubaker is a TikTok influencer and radio host. The 24-year-old West Hollywood resident describes himself as "trustworthy, loyal and kind." He attended the Specs Howard School of Media Arts and has more than 4 million followers on TikTok. He will catfish other contestants by pretending to be someone named Bru.

John Franklin

John Franklin is a 24 year social media content creator. He lives in New Jersey. He is a proud Italian and even has a tattoo of The Sopranos on his chest. He will catfish the cast by taking on his mother's persona.

Alex Brizard

Alex Brizard is a 28 year old commercial banker from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a family man and feels that he is "a catfish in real life" because of the behavioral change between his work and personal life. He is going on the show as a 22-year-old frat boy named Nathan.

Crissa Jackson

Crissa Jackson is a 31 year old social media influencer. Famous for making basketball videos, she is the 13th woman to play for the Harlem Globetrotters. She will play the game with her "full-court vision" by simply being herself.

Yu Ling Wu

Yu Ling is a 25 year old brand marketing consultant. She is from San Francisco and a first generation Chinese-American citizen She considers MTV and VH1 to be very big influences in her life. She is going to be herself on the show.

Parker Abbott

Parker Abbott is a 21 year old student living in Miami, Florida. She describes herself as a "party girl". She is in a sorority and is going on the show as her 56 year old father, Paul.

Frank Grimsley

Frank is a 28 year old social worker from Maryland, focussing on projects related to school and education. He is a licensed therapist and describes himself as a "people's person". He's not going to catfish anyone.

Rachel Evans

Rachel is a 29 year old paranormal researcher who had terrifying encounters with ghosts as a child. She is a professional ghost hunter and runs social media of Smosh. She is Jewish. She will take on no other persona on The Circle.

The first four episodes of The Circle will air on May 4 on Netflix at 3AM ET.

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