What are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin up to after Big Brother? Season 24 stars will make appearance in new CBS show

Taylor and Joseph attend The Real Love Boat premiere
Taylor and Joseph attend The Real Love Boat premiere (Image via @lovindy_/Twitter)

Big Brother Season 24 winner Taylor Hale and fellow houseguest Joseph Abdin arrived together for the premiere of CBS’ The Real Love Boat aboard Princess Cruises on Saturday, October 1, 2022, in San Pedro, California.

The duo, who managed to create a "fauxmance" on the reality show, have been shipped by fans as "Jaylor" and are giving viewers what they want.

Taylor and Joseph hung out with many Big Brother alums at the premiere, including fellow season 24 cast members Monte Taylor and Indy Santos, alongside Kyland Young, Derek Xiao, and Claire Rehfuss. Former Survivor and Amazing Race contestants James Wallington and Will Jardell also joined the team.

Since the premiere of Big Brother season 24, Taylor and Joseph have been together through thick and thin. After Taylor was crowned the winner, the duo have been seen spending some quality time with fellow houseguests, Joseph's family, and also with each other as they explore their connection further.

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You heard it here first… they have our ❤️’s! A few of our reality favorites dropped by @RealLoveBoatCBS before the new season sets sail, this Wednesday on CBS!

Taylor and Joseph were seen enjoying their time on The Real Love Boat premiere alongside fellow CBS show cast members. The duo have been out of the Big Brother space for just over a week now and are seen spending some quality time with each other, according to their social media handles.

Speaking about his experience at the premiere, Joseph joked:

“I tried with Kyland and Derek to stay on the boat and let the boat leave with us three..We were 100 percent gonna do it because the boat was about to leave and I was like, ‘OK, this is a free cruise’ (laughs). But Taylor definitely wasn’t having that, and she immediately shut that down and got me off that boat.”

Taylor Hale was the first black woman to win the Big Brother title and the cash prize of $750,000 in the history of the franchise. The fan-favorite contestant also went on to win a cash prize of $50,000 as she earned the title of America's Favorite Player (AFP).

Joseph was her biggest supporter while in the house and while also being a jury member as he was evicted after the Split House twist.

Although momentarily, Taylor had established a showmance with Monte at the house, it soon came to an end ahead of the finale. After the finale, Taylor and Joseph expressed their desire to take their relationship day by day and watch the season back to understand different contexts better.

Speaking about moving further into the relationship and a possible future with Joseph, Taylor told US Weekly:

"He’s literally the best support system ever. Everybody saw that in the game and getting it back is the best thing in the world. But I don’t wanna jump into a relationship, almost trauma-bonding with someone. I just wanna make sure that I have my head straight. He’s good. And then we can really work on exploring."

Since the pair had been out of the Big Brother house very recently, Joseph called it an "amazing experience," however, the duo were taking time to get adjusted to meeting and interacting with people.

Taylor's story of struggle, resilience and perseverance alongside Joseph's strong support resonated with fans as they took to social media to celebrate the former's win on the reality competition series.

They have also been rooting for Taylor and Joseph to get together as the duo proved to be one of the most popular "showmances" in the franchise.

Speaking about interacting with fans at the premiere event, Taylor confessed that it was exciting for the pair to meet with people who support them. She said:

"It’s weird to even say that we have fans because we’re just regular people that did a really crazy experience, but it’s really fun noticing how one small moment can change somebody’s entire day and make them happier. We never know what someone’s going through. So to give that joy, just having a small presence in someone’s life, and I’m very grateful.”

Recently, Taylor and Joseph have attended Miss USA 2022, held on October 3, 2022 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. The duo enjoyed supporting the contestants and also cheering for their favorites.

In an interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves, Taylor revealed that she had chosen Joseph to join her on a seven-day cruise for two aboard a Princess cruise ship, a gift she received upon winning the competition. The cruise line is the official partner for the upcoming CBS show The Real Love Boat.

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