What time will 7 Little Johnstons season 11 episode 6 air? Plot, release date, and more about the TLC show

Still from 7 Little Johnstons (Image via Instagram/tlc)
Still from 7 Little Johnstons (Image via Instagram/tlc)

TLC's 7 Little Johnstons, which premiered its 11th season on March 15, is currently catering to their guest, Joose Jeskanen. The show is set to release its episode 6 on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. After taking Joose to the American capital in the last episode, the Johnstons will now be celebrating Christmas with their guest and exchanging each other's traditions.

7 Little Johnstons has been running on TLC since 2015. It features the story of a small family situated in Georgia. The lives of each of the members of the family are filmed closely, telling their story to the world.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

"It's Christmas in Georgia, and the Johnstons and Joose share traditions. Anna is seeing a new guy, but she's reluctant to have him meet the family. Meanwhile, Liz decorates her own place and talks about a future home with Brice."

What to expect from episode 6 of 7 Little Johnstons season 11?

The seven Johnston family members are more than excited to have Joose as their guest from Finland for an exchange program. Apart from featuring the tuning between Joose and the Johnstons, viewers will also get to see the fun that this family does among themselves.

In the upcoming episode, titled Are You Kissing?, the Johnston siblings will be playing an interesting game that will thrill not just them but also the viewers. In a clip released by the show, the Johnston siblings were blindfolded. The game was hosted by siblings Amber, Alex, and Jonah, who teamed up against Emma and Anna.

The siblings had to guess some spices and tell their names while they remained blindfolded.

Although Emma and Anna were clueless after smelling every kind of spice, Alex still tried hard to figure out the smell. However, it was Jonah who managed to guess every kind of spice that came under his nose. The siblings were amazed at how effortlessly he managed to name all of them. Eventually, they all started calling him the "spice king."

Viewers will also see a heartfelt moment between Jeskanen and the Johnstons when they exchange their Christmas traditions with each other.

Joose has a tradition of drinking soup during Christmas. So, the mother and father Johnston prepared a festive dinner for him along with some delicious salmon soup. Moreover, out of all the dishes, Joose might just like the soup the most. A shown in the trailer, Joose shares that the soup is not completely similar to what he used to have in Finland, however, he still liked the soup that the Johnstons prepared for him.

Viewers can watch episode 6 of 7 Little Johnstons on April 19, at 9.00 pm EST.

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