What time will Animal Kingdom Season 6 episode 10 air on TNT? Plot, sneak peek and more details explored

A still from Animal Kingdom season 6 (Image via TNT)
A still from Animal Kingdom season 6 (Image via TNT)

TNT's hit drama, Animal Kingdom, is all set to make a return this week, bringing in another tremendously dramatic episode as the season edges its conclusion. Following the journey of the Cody boys into the last few episodes, the upcoming one will be a big stepping stone in the show's conclusion. The tenth episode of the show's sixth and final season will air on August 7, 2022.

Jonathan Lisco's adaptation of the brilliant 2010 film of the same name had a lot going on over the past few weeks, especially with Andrew "Pope" Cody (Shawn Hatosy), who has been the center of attention for quite some time now, despite the show originally following a very different path. The upcoming episode of the drama will see whether Pope survives the latest challenge, this time from himself.

We know you’re in your feels after that premiere. Here's what you can expect to see this season πŸ‘€ New episodes every Sunday at 9/8c on TNT. #AnimalKingdom

The upcoming episode of Animal Kingdom, titled Clink, will air on August 7, 2022, at 9 PM EST. Read on for more details about the latest episode of the popular show.

Animal Kingdom Season 6, Episode 10 preview: Another series of violent encounters


The promo for the upcoming episode of Animal Kingdom hints at another packed episode, with ample drama all around the clock. While the show is known for its intensity, being in the final part of the series means that things will escalate further than they have in the past.

The focus will be majorly on Pope, who is now behind bars. Though he did want to atone for his sins from the past, prison wouldn't be easy for a Cody family member, given the number of enemies they have. The promo hints at how Pope is facing trouble inside the prison. Of course, Joshua "J" Cody (Finn Cole), Craig Cody (Ben Robson), and Deran Cody (Jack Weary) will not sit idle while Pope is in a state like this.

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The official synopsis for the upcoming episode of Animal Kingdom, as released by TNT, reads:

"Pope is self-destructive and J, Craig and Deran must figure out what they are going to do about him; Julia and Andrew work together on a job."

Apart from Pope's self-destruction and redemption, the upcoming episode will also focus on Julia and Andrew's collaboration on a "job." Nothing has been revealed about this job, and it could be something that paves the way to the finale.

There are only four episodes left to be aired in this season of Animal Kingdom, which also means that there are only four more episodes to go in the entire series. As things are set to conclude, once and for all, there may be some big twists, cliffhangers, and diverging plotlines, which will lead viewers to the end of the show.

The finale of the show is slated to air on August 28, 2022, less than a month after the upcoming episode. This season of the show began on June 19, 2022.

When will Animal Kingdom Season 6, Episode 10 premiere?

Is it the end for Pope? Will he make the ultimate sacrifice for his family and take the fall for everything? Find out on an all-new #AnimalKingdom at 9/8c on TNT.

The upcoming episode of the American drama will air on August 7, 2022, on the TNT channel. New episodes air at 9 PM EST every Sunday. The episode will also be available for streaming online on Netflix. Stay tuned for more updates.

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