What time will Claim to Fame Season 1 Episode 8 air on ABC? Pop culture challenge, release date and more

Claim to Fame Season 1 Episode 8 airs on Monday (Image via  claimtofameabc/Instagram)
Claim to Fame Season 1 Episode 8 airs on Monday (Image via claimtofameabc/Instagram)

Episode 8 of Claim to Fame Season 1 will air on Monday, August 29, at 10:01pm ET on ABC. With only three episodes left, the remaining five contestants are now under huge pressure to win the $100,000 cash prize. The new episode will see contestants going all out to win the pop culture challenge and get their hands on the hints.

Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, Claim to Fame initially welcomed 12 celebrity relatives into a Big Brother-style house with the aim of concealing their real identity.

Players who succeed in keeping their identity a secret the longest on the show will not only win bragging rights but a tidy $100,000 prize. Throughout the show, players will have to live together, form bonds and alliances, compete in challenges and more, in order to identity each other’s celebrity relative.

What to expect in episode 8 of Claim to Fame Season 1

In the new episode of Claim to Fame, Logan, L.C., Pepper, Louise, and Lark will participate in yet another challenge to get more hints about each other's celebrity relatives. The official synopsis of the upcoming episode, titled The Puppies Are Off The Leash, reads:

"As the final stretch of the competition approaches, an alliance is solidified between two housemates, while one continues to lead others on with her false identity."

Further adding:

"The trivia challenge tests pop-culture knowledge, and while the winner isn’t granted immunity, they do get the biggest prize yet when they receive vital information about not one but all of their fellow competitor’s celebrity relatives. A tiebreaker vote at the Guess Off leads to the final four remaining contestants closer to the $100,000 prize."

In episode 8, the contestants will be judged on their pop-culture knowledge. The winner of the challenge will have an edge over the other players as they get an important piece of information about their celebrity relatives.

L.C. is determined to play the game with all wit as winning could change her life. Meanwhile, Louise is glad that she has been able to make it so far without being eliminated from the show. In the confessional, she says,

"I have stayed far longer that I should have."

Lark is feeling “pretty helpless” amid all the challenges and hints that could reveal the real identity of the players.

However, Logan and L.C’s alliance seems to be getting stronger as they share information and plan on their next move.

Quick recap of Claim to Fame Season 1 episode 7

In the previous episode, titled Spot the Difference, the remaining six players were asked to participate in a mock estate sale to get to the hints. The synopsis of the previous show read:

"With only six contestants remaining, the competition is stiff, and loyalties are tested; this week's challenge is centered on a mock estate sale, where the contestants must spot the difference when certain items are swapped around. Some new rule changes throw the group, and the eliminated contestant goes out with a bang."

For the game, the players were divided into three teams, namely:

Blue team - Pepper and L.C.

Orange team - Logan and Amara.

Yellow team - Lark and Louise.

In the end, Lark and Louise were named the winners of the challenge. At the Claim to Fame guess-off, Lark was chosen as the guesser, and she picked Amara to reveal her identity. Amara was revealed to be the granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg.

With Amara gone, only 5 players are left to play for the big win. Tune in on Monday on ABC to see who will be eliminated next on Claim to Fame.

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