What time will First Home Fix Season 1 premiere on HGTV? Format, release date, and more details explored

First Home Fix set to premiere on September 3
First Home Fix is set to premiere on September 3 (Image via Instagram/@raisakuddus)

First Home Fix, HGTV’s latest home renovation show, will take on first-time homeowners and help them transform their homes while being on a tight budget. The renovation experts and real-life couple from Blohk Build & Design, Raisa and Austin, will be the guiding light for those in need of a change.

The show will premiere on September 3 at 10 pm ET on HGTV and take viewers through the exciting yet exhausting process of home renovation.

First Home Fix’s press release said:

“FIRST-TIME HOMEOWNERS GET BOLD, BUDGET-FRIENDLY RENOS IN NEW HGTV SERIES ‘FIRST HOME FIX.’ Renovation gurus Raisa Kuddus and Austin Coleman will help first-time homeowners transform their starter homes without breaking the bank in the new HGTV series First Home Fix, premiering Saturday, Sept. 3, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.”

The two renovation experts came up with the idea for the show over a cup of coffee. Raisa pitched to Austin that they should take her creative skills and his experience to help people turn their first house into a home.

While talking about the show, Austin said they weren’t the “only ones putting in work” and that the homeowners got down to business alongside them to help turn their vision into a reality.

What to expect from First Home Fix Season 1?

Being a homeowner is not an easy task. There are so many things one has to consider, the colors, the look, the functionality, and money, to name a few. One could buy a house and have it never feel like home or simply look at four walls and imagine a whole life in it.

On HGTV’s latest home renovation show, Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddos want to make sure that these homeowners feel completely at home in their houses. Over six episodes, the two will revamp houses of newlyweds and millennial clients using sweat equity, clever design decisions, and boundless creativity.

First Home Fix Season 1 episode 1, titled, Growing Family Renos, will bring viewers renovations for two different couples with growing families.

The synopsis of the episode read:

“Raisa and Austin tackle two renovations for two couples with growing families. Juliet and Derek have a kitchen and living space stuck in the '70s while Cassie and Glenn need changes to their '80s home to create a new main suite and office.”

While Derek and Juliet want their home to reflect their personalities, Cassie and Glenn bought a house in a hurry before their son was born. Both couples have a budget of $50,000, and the duo will help them achieve their dream homes.

The duo responsible for making dreams come true

The co-hosts of First Home Fix, Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddus from Blokh Build & Design, are a real-life couple and have been together since 2017.

Raisa Kuddos is an artist and designer who likes to incorporate colors and nature into her designs to create unique spaces. The designer also enjoys playing video games, puzzles, and storytelling.

Austin Coleman is a woodworker and builder who likes to incorporate custom pieces into his projects. The builder enjoys surfing, skating, and crafting. The two of them live in Tustin, California.

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