What time will I Am Shauna Rae season 2 episode 1 air on TLC? Plot, release date and more details explored

I am Shauna Rae set to premiere on November 1
I am Shauna Rae set to premiere on November 1 (Image via Instagram/@tlc)

I am Shauna Rae is set to return to TLC for another season.

The hit show follows the life of Shauna Rae, a 22-year-old who looks like “an eight-year-old girl.” Having battled brain cancer at an early age and as a result of chemotherapy, Rae stopped growing when she was three feet and 10 inches.

In the upcoming season, the little person is set to change her life in big ways. Rae is set to take charge of her life and gain her independence, but her parents aren’t completely on board.

The synopsis of the season premiere reads:

"Shauna goes on a date with a man who has pituitary dwarfism. Later, she has her first driving lesson, but car modifications and a fear of driving intensify the pressure behind the wheel. Then, Shauna has mixed emotions about moving with her family."

I am Shauna Rae is set to premiere on Tuesday, November 1, at 10 pm ET on TLC.

What can you expect from I am Shauna Rae season 2’s premiere?


Driving lessons, dates, and decisions about the future, I am Shauna Rae’s star has some big changes coming up and she’s excited. The 22-year-old is tired of the world seeing her as a child and has decided to now take charge. She’s excited about the next phase of her life and she’s doing everything to make it happen.

In a promo clip for episode one, titled In the Hot Seat, Rae is seen taking driving classes, but a few adjustments need to be made for her to be able to drive safely and confidently. In a confessional, she says that she is taking her first driving lesson and that she’s afraid.

She further said:

"I don’t want to go out in traffic because I don’t wanna die."

The clip shows her struggling to stop at an intersection and viewers can see how terrified Rae is, by the look on her face.

I am Shauna Rae’s season 2 teases the possibility of multiple suitors, one of whom Rae meets online. She explains that Dan is an entrepreneur from Wales and in the clip, he is heard saying that he’s going to be visiting America very soon. Shauna’s parents are wary of this person since they are not sure of him.

However, he’s not the only one. The reality star is getting ready to meet someone that her matchmaker thinks would be a good match for her.

As for this, she said:

"I’m a little nervous to meet someone who’s gonna through something very similar to me and I’m interested to see the similarities and the differences."

I am Shauna Rae will put the family on opposite sides when it comes to the star’s future. While Rae is thrilled about being independent, she’s not sure if college is the right way to go about it, whereas her father insists on it. Shauna Rae admits to being overwhelmed by the change, but claims that she is “mentally, emotionally, physically” ready for the change.

Tune in on Tuesday at 10 pm to catch weekly episodes of I am Shauna Rae season 2 on TLC.

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