What time will Junior Baking Show Season 6 air on Netflix? Release date, format, and more details explored

Junior Baking Show Season 6 to air on Netflix (Image via Instagram/@keziaskitchen)
Junior Baking Show Season 6 to air on Netflix (Image via Instagram/@keziaskitchen)

Junior Baking Show is back with another installment for the first time on Netflix. The show is a spin-off of the Great British Baking Show and features miniature-sized bakers from the UK as they compete for the prize.

Season 6 of the series will air on Netflix on Wednesday, August 17, at 3:01 am ET.

Junior Baking Show, also known as Junior Bake-Off, was previously a part of the CBBC Network until the streaming platform bagged the rights.

The show will feature 16 junior bakers as they overcome multiple challenges to win bragging rights over their fellow contestants.

How will Junior Baking Show crown the best junior baker?

The spin-off of the Great British Baking Show will find the winner over the course of 12 days of competition. In each episode, the Junior Baking Show contestants will be divided into two groups of eight. Four of these contestants will be sent home and the remaining bakers will compete in a week-long finale.

As part of the final challenge, the remaining bakers will have to create dishes revolving around afternoon tea and are expected to include entremets, pastries, and a tiered layer cake.

The Junior Baking Show will feature Britain's most talented young bakers aged nine to fifteen, who will impress the judges with cakes, biscuits, bread, dessert, and pastries.They will also have to create themed desserts such as illusions, street food, and an international dessert.

A witness to these young talents and host, will be the comedian Harry Hill who will be joined by Pastry chef Ravneet Gill and former GBBO contestant Liam Charles as judges. Charles is currently the host of Bake Off: The Professionals.

Competing for bragging rights on Junior Baking Show Season 6 are Charlie, Fern, Fyn, Naima, Sicily, Sophia, Henry, Will, Toby, Cece, Zack, Maddi, Reece, Safiyyah, and Robbie.

Meet the adults of the show

Harry Hill

Comedian, presenter, and writer Harry Hill began his career as a stand-up comic after working in the medical field. He is known for his distinguishable dressing sense on stage (think browline glasses, dress shirt with an oversized collar and cuffs) as well as his energetic style of performance. He often uses surrealism, observation, and satire to keep his audience entertained.

Ravneet Gill

The psychologist turned pastry chef has worked as a pastry chef for over eight years. In 2018, she opened her own organization, Countertalk, talk where fellow chefs and bakers could connect and form healthy professional relationships in the food industry.

Through Countertalk, Kaur was able to connect with new talent and provide newcomers with opportunities. In 2020. She launched her first cookbook titled, The Pastry Chef’s Guide: The Secret to Successful Baking Every time. She also writes a baking column for the Telegraph.

Liam Charles

The 24-year-old baker from London is famously known for being a part of The Great British Bake-Off Season 8 where he finished fifth.

Charles has studied Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths University, and written two cookbooks, titled Cheeky Treats: 70 Brilliant Bakes and Cakes and Second Helpings. The Junior Baking Show judge is also a baking columnist for The Guardian.

Tune in to see how these tiny bakers fare during the baking competition.

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