What time will RHOM Season 4 Episode 3 air on Bravo? Plot, air date and more explored

Bravo airs new episodes of RHOM on Tuesdays (Image via @realadrianademoura/Instagram)
Bravo airs new episodes of RHOM on Tuesdays (Image via @realadrianademoura/Instagram)

The Real Housewives of Miami (RHOM) Season 4 has returned to Bravo after airing on Peacock TV. The home network (Bravo) will air the third episode of the reality TV series this Tuesday.

Since the first episode, the show has consistently delivered entertainment and drama to viewers. On the one hand, Larsa Pippen’s return after Season 1 thrilled fans, and on the other, Alexia Echevarria’s never-ending problems keep them hooked to the show.

The upcoming episode will shed light on the newcomers of RHOM Season 4. Nicole Martin will be seen revealing past secrets. Julia Lemigova and her famous wife Martina Navratilova, are also expected to get more screen time.

When will RHOM episode 3 air?

RHOM Season 4 Episode 3 is set to air at 9.00 pm Eastern Time (ET), April 19, on Bravo. The episode will be available on the network’s site after its premiere on the channel.

If viewers don’t have the channel, they can then opt for various television service providers or live streaming services, such as DirecTV Stream, Fubo TV, Philo, Sling, and YouTube TV.

What to expect from the new episode?

The third episode will bring in a whole lot of drama. Titled Painted With Pride, the episode’s official synopsis reads,

"Larsa puts her house on the market; Nicole reveals her traumatizing childhood to Lisa; Alexia meets Herman's lover; Adriana hosts Martina's first solo art show while juggling two dates.”

According to a preview that aired at the end of Episode 2, the ladies are set to attend a Pride event in support of the LGBTQ community in RHOM Episode 3. Marysol Patton is seen questioning whether Adriana de Moura is also interested in women. The episode also shows the latter hosting an art show, which features Martina Navratilova’s art. Adriana de Moura is seen introducing her fellow housewives to two of her dates whom she invited to the event.

The upcoming installment will also tackle Nicole Martin’s childhood story where her father was arrested for a money laundering case. Viewers can expect her to make amends with her father this season. Meanwhile, she finds comfort in Lisa Hochstein’s company as she tells the latter about her past.

Later, Alexia Echevarria’s segment related to late ex-husband Herman Echevarria will churn the boiling pot and add to the drama.

Episode 2 recap

In the previous episode of RHOM Season 4, Echevarria was seen convincing her eldest son, Luke to attend her wedding. She is set to marry long-time beau, Todd Nepola, on the show. However, Luke was not supportive of his mother’s decision as he didn’t get along with Nepola. Echevarria was also seen trying to contact a man who allegedly had an affair with Herman before he died.

Nicole Martin threw a sushi party for the ladies and Lisa Hochstein was seen on a dinner date with husband Dr. Leonard “Lenny” Hochstein.

The housewives are set to return for an action-packed RHOM Episode 3, which will air on Bravo at 9.00 pm ET, April 19.

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