Who is the richest on 'RHOM'? Inside Season 4 housewives' rumored net worth

'RHOM' stars Lisa Hochstein (L) and Larsa Pippen (R) (Image via lisahochstein, larsapippen/ Instagram)
'RHOM' stars Lisa Hochstein (L) and Larsa Pippen (R) (Image via lisahochstein, larsapippen/ Instagram)

RHOM, aka The Real Housewives of Miami, is set to return with a brand new season after eight years. After its third season in 2013, the Bravo network didn’t renew the show for season 4.

Now, RHOM Season 4 is back, but on Peacock TV. Some old faces and a few newcomers will appear on the show and bring their drama and controversies with them.

The official synopsis of RHOM Season 4 reads:

“The Real Housewives of Miami, Peacock’s first-ever original Housewives ‘city’ series, is putting the sizzle back in America’s hottest city for its highly anticipated return on Thursday, December 16. Set against the backdrop of one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world, THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI will take viewers on a wild ride of red-hot fun and friendship – with of course, no drama to spare.”

As dramatic as the housewives are, they're just as affluent, if not more. Let’s find out which housewife amongst them all is the richest.

Lisa Hochstein is the richest 'RHOM' cast member

Lisa Hochstein joined RHOM in season 2 and will now be returning for the new season as well. Her storyline on the show centered around Hochstein’s emotional and physical struggle to conceive a baby with IVF.

Hochstein married her husband Leonard “Lenny” Hochstein, who is a renowned plastic surgeon, in 2009. After RHOM was canceled in 2013, the couple welcomed their two kids through surrogacy. Prior to being a reality TV star, the housewife was a famous Playboy model.

Meanwhile, her estimated net worth, combined with her husband’s, is $30 million. This makes Hochstein the richest housewife on RHOM Season 4.

Marysol Patton

Marysol Patton is yet another regular on Real Housewives of Miami who is returning for season 4. She is one of the cast members who stirs controversy; the example can be seen in the trailer of the upcoming installment.

Apart from earning big from the reality show, Patton is also a businesswoman. She is the president, director and founder of a successful Public Relations (PR) firm, The Patton Group. Her company is known for throwing extravagant parties for her A-class clients.

Her reality TV star’s salary and business profits make Patton the second richest RHOM cast member with a reported net worth of $15 million.

Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen joined RHOM in its first season when she was married to renowned NBA star Scottie Pippen. She didn’t return for the next season, but will be coming back in the fourth installment.

Pippen, who was once known as the “Hottest NBA wife,” is a popular reality TV star and a close friend of Kim Kardashian. With a blog of her own, Pippen is also a brand ambassador for Haute Living magazine. She also takes care of the Pippen Foundation, even though she and Scottie have parted ways. The estimated net worth of the housewife is $10 million.

Adriana De Moura

Adriana De Moura is one of the original cast members of RHOM. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she receives $75,000 per episode salary for the reality show, making her net worth $10 million.

Moura is a famous art dealer who has made the covers of US Weekly, The Miami Herald, Ocean Drive and Life & Style.

How rich are the other Real Housewives of Miami?


In addition to the aforementioned cast, RHOM also stars two more regulars and three newcomers.

Check out their rumored net worth:

Kiki Barth: $1.5 million

Alexia Echevarria: $3 million

Julia Lemigova: $1 million

Guerdy Abraira: $2.3 million

Nicole Martin: $3 million

Meanwhile, RHOM Season 4 is all set to premiere Thursday, December 16, on Peacock TV.

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