What time will season 2 of Dateline: Unforgettable premiere on Oxygen? Details explored

Dateline: Unforgettable (Image via NBC)
Dateline: Unforgettable (Image via NBC)

Oxygen's Dateline: Unforgettable season 2 is set to premiere on June 7, 2022, at 8 pm ET. The series delves deep into some of the most shocking real-life murder cases. The official synopsis of the series reads:

''A series of reports chosen by "Dateline" correspondents that answers the question they most often get asked -- what their most memorable story is and why.''

Read further ahead to know more details about Dateline: Unforgettable.

All you need to know about Dateline: Unforgettable

Each episode of Dateline: Unforgettable focuses on a particular case, as the correspondent addresses important questions pertaining to it, such as the circumstances surrounding the death or disappearance, what led to the crime, the impact it had on the victims' families, and others. Viewers can expect a sharp, journalistic examination that unveils the numerous facets of a case, whilst balancing it out with the emotional angle provided by the correspondents who were deeply involved in them.

The first episode of this season, titled Under the Desert Sky, focuses on the shocking death of a teenager named Micaela Costanzo in Nevada. On March 3, 2011, Costanzo did not return home after basketball practice at school. Two days later, her body was discovered in a grave. Subsequent investigation revealed that Costanzo had been brutally hit with a shovel. Court documents also revealed that her throat had been slit. The episode takes a deeper look into the case as it tries to unveil the mystery behind a death that shocked an entire community.

The various correspondents featured in Dateline: Unforgettable season 2 include Keith Morrison, Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewicz, and Dennis Murphy.

Some of the episodes from the upcoming season are: A Novel Defense, The Officer's Sky, The Eastlake Conspiracy, and Smoke and Mirrors.

Other true crime shows by Oxygen

In May 2022, Oxygen announced a slew of true crime shows arriving on the network, including Black Widow Murders, Manifesto of a Serial Killer, The First Mindhunter (working title), Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge (working title), and Sleeping With Death.

Black Widow Murders focuses on various women who've committed some of the most brutal murders, with motives that include wealth, lust, power and more.

The First Mindhunter, on the other hand, focuses on psychologist Dr. Carlisle who's analyzed some of the most notorious serial killers in history, including the likes of Ted Bundy, Manuel Cortez, and many more. With a collection of audio recordings of Carlisle's conversations with the criminals, the show delves deep into the minds of these killers as it makes an attempt to provide an insight into their psychology and what pushes them to commit such atrocious crimes.

Manifesto of a Serial Killer revolves around a woman who desperately tries to look for her missing brother but ends up discovering a series of shocking murders committed by two men.

Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge examines the shocking deaths of over 36 women in the city of Baton Rouge.

Sleeping With Death documents some of the creepiest and most absurd murder cases wherein a person sleeping wakes up to a dead body the next day.

You can watch Oxygen's Dateline: Unforgettable season 2 on June 7, 2022.

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