What time will Slow Horses finale air on Apple TV+? Release date, plot and more about Gary Oldman's spy-thriller

AppleTV+'s official poster for Slow Horses (Image via AppleTV+)
AppleTV+'s official poster for Slow Horses (Image via AppleTV+)

The highly-anticipated finale of AppleTV+'s understated spy-thriller, Slow Horses, is all set to premiere this week.

Directed by James Hawes and based on a novel of the same name by Mick Herron, the series revolves around an MI5 agent who wishes to change his fate. He got an opportunity to help out a hostage, along with his coworkers and his boss to become the intelligence agents they were always meant to be.

Here's everything viewers need to know about the finale, premiering on April 29 on AppleTV+.

When is the finale of Slow Horses expected to air?

The season finale for Slow Horses is all set to premiere April 29 at 12:01 AM ET on AppleTV+. The series premiered earlier this month and stars Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden and Kristin Scott Thomas.

The synopsis for the spy thriller reads:

"Follows a team of British intelligence agents who serve as a dumping ground department of MI5 due to their career-ending mistakes. Follows a team of British intelligence agents who serve as a dumping ground department of MI5 due to their career-ending mistakes."

The upcoming episode of the series is said to try and track down the hostage before it was too late, using Roddy's hacking skills. Lamb would let Diana sign paperwork that would prove that the Slough House team was innocent and keep them from getting arrested.

Meanwhile, Lamb will also try to negotiate a deal to reinstate the agents at Regent's Park. River is set to pay Sid a visit, whose life status remains questionable. Curly will shoot the other terrorists and drive the hostage to a secluded place, hopefully to get saved by the Slow Horses.

The synopsis for the season finale reads:

"Taverner and the Slow Horses attempt different approaches to locate the kidnappers and Hassan; Ho makes a shocking discovery about Sid."

Recap of episode 5

In the previous episode of Slow Horses, viewers saw the gang gather in their graveyard hideout. Lamb explained how Diana would have to take the blame for the beheading. Meanwhile, River gathered evidence to help them escape the arrest, a picture he took of Diana meeting Alan Black.

To save the hostage, others started to check into Alan Black's background, also utilizing Rody's skills. Later, Lamb drove up to MI5, blasting The Proclaimers in his stolen car.

He is then taken to Diana, who laid out her evil plans, while also revealing that Sid is dead. Lamb then revealed that his stolen car had a bomb in it, which was not true but a diversion which allowed River to enter the building in search of evidence.

River was able to get a hold of the incriminating photographs, which Webb had filed under F for Fiasco. They showed Diana the same, which left her rattled. At the end of the episode, Curly shot Zippo dead over a stupid dispute they had.

More about the series


The official trailer for Slow Horses dropped last month and was packed with dark comedy, power-packed action and a peek into a never-seen-before spy story. It introduced the main characters along with the rise of a threatening situation that started changing the team dynamics.

The series is executively produced by Iain Canning, Hakan Kousetta, Jamie Laurenson, Gail Mutrux, Emile Sherman, Will Smith, Graham Yost and Douglas Urbanski. It is written by Morwenna Banks, Will Smith, Jonny Stockwood and Mark Denton.

Catch the finale of Slow Horses on AppleTV+ on April 29.

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