What time will Survivor season 42 episode 9 air? Double eliminations, immunity battle, release date and more explored 

Survivor promises more dramatic challenges and eliminations this week (Image via @survivorcbs/Twitter)
Survivor promises more dramatic challenges and eliminations this week (Image via @survivorcbs/Twitter)

After an exciting turn of events last week, CBS Survivor Season 42 will be back with its 9th episode on Wednesday. This week, new challenges await the castaways as they compete against each other to win the coveted title. Viewers of the reality competition have seen alliances shake up, mind games played, and emotions on the rise. This week, however, contestants will find it even more challenging to stay in the competition.

The longest-running series, hosted by Jeff Probst, saw 18 contestants trying to out-win and outlast each other so that they could move forward in the competition. However, only 10 of them remain to compete in the islands of Fiji for the $1 million prize and the title of the Sole Survivor.

Details on Survivor Season 42, Episode 9

A preview shown on last week's episode saw host Jeff Probst announce that there will be two individual immunity necklaces up for grabs and two players who will head back home. Double eliminations have always come as a surprise, and this season has been no different. The ten remaining contestants will be divided into two teams of five and head to the Tribal Council into these teams.

The official synopsis of the episode titled Game of Chicken reads:

"One castaway is the last standing in the fight for immunity, earning themselves a spot in the final eight."

Based on the promo for what lies ahead, viewers may get to see the formation of a guys’ alliance. From a quick sequence in the trailer, it is evident that Maryanne, Tori, Jonathan, Drea, and Lindsay won a reward and thus are most likely one of the teams going to Tribal together.

Drea also has a confessional where she states that none of the other castaways are her close allies. This affects the belief that a majority is just a number that is bound together and not necessarily a tightly bonded alliance. It will be easier for the contestants to vote out anyone from the five.

This puts Maryanne and Tori as targets. Maryanne is likely to play her immunity idol as the castaways are more or less aware of the same. Tori did emerge as a serious competitor, winning the past two immunity challenges. However, if she does not win the next one, she will likely be the target to be voted off on this week's episode.

Lindsay and Jonathan get into a significant argument in the Survivor trailer, with the former exclaiming that the latter wasn't listening to her. Jonathan is a physical threat in the competition and would want to form a guys' alliance to keep himself safe. However, time will only tell how far he manages to go.


Survivor has been a classic fan favorite for a long time. Viewers have been highly intrigued by the show's concept and the variety of challenges presented to the contestants. This season saw many new and exciting avenues for the castaways to explore and advantages from the previous season.

Tune in to Survivor on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at 8.00 pm ET on CBS.

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