Who went home in Survivor Season 42 Episode 8? Elimination results and more about CBS series

Survivor Episode 8 saw a difficult elimination and loyalties questioned (Image via chanellehowell/Instagram)
Survivor Episode 8 saw a difficult elimination and loyalties questioned (Image via chanellehowell/Instagram)

After a challenging week, Survivor aired its eighth episode that was filled with challenges, mind games, and a lot of paranoia. While some were confident in their alliances, others were nervous about them being a possible pawn for elimination. The title of the episode, You Better Be Wearing a Seatbealt, was a nod to what transpired among the castaways this week.

On Episode 8 of Survivor, the clear choices for the castaways to be voted out were Maryanne, Chanelle, and Romeo. This week, the cast decided to vote out Chanelle. However, the cast went through a small detour when Romeo became paranoid about his chances of going home. In the end, the contestants stuck to their original decision to send Chanelle home.

The long-running series hosted by Jeff Probst brought 18 new cast members to the islands of Fiji. The contestants will be competing for a $1 million prize and the title of being the sole Survivor. With the recent elimination, only 10 remain to compete for the coveted title.

What happened during the elimination on Survivor Season 42 Episode 8?

The challenges on Survivor began with a reward. The castaways had to play a game after being split into two randomly chosen teams. However, one person had to sit out of the game. They chose balls of two different colors from a bag. However, one ball would be gray, and the person who received it would not be competing.

Maryanne was the one to sit out, however, Drea volunteered not to be part of the game. That worked in the latter's favor as she earned another advantage, the Beware Advantage. She also has an amulet, idol, and an extra vote. In a confessional, Drea deliberated on how to use them to ensure her safety in the game.

While unveiling the package, Drea's hands got covered in red paint. This was an excellent move by the producers as she could get literally caught red-handed if she went back with the paint on her hand. Although she was able to remove most of it, Tori saw the leftover paint and guessed that Drea was hiding something.

During the immunity challenge, host Jeff Probst advised the six castaways to sit out. However, the team managed to convince him to agree to four. Lindsay and Drea offered to sit out. Maryanne also agreed and made an emotional plea to the rest for a fourth member to step up. The gang was set on four after Omar agreed. After the ultimate balancing showdown, Tori won the immunity challenge for the second time in a row, marking her safe from one more elimination.

The easiest choices for the Tribal Council were Chanelle, Maryanne, and Romeo. While Mike was keen on eliminating Chanelle, the group told her that the plan was to vote out Romeo. It wasn't until Tori planted a seed in Romeo's ear about him being the possible castaway to be eliminated that he started spiraling out of control.

Sensing Romeo's paranoia, the cast decided to vote him out, but Mike convinced them otherwise. At the Tribal Council, after a brief conversation about the unification of the tribe and a lengthy car analogy, it was time to vote. The decision was very close between Chanelle and Romeo, but the former had to pack her bags.

Next week, Survivor brings even more twists to the game, and the cast will explore many different alliances. Chanelle was the first member of the newly formed jury to walk out the door.

Who will be next? Will Tori continue her winning streak? Readers can tune in to Survivor next week on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 8.00 pm ET on CBS to find out.

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